A Hume Doors system for every situation

All Hume door systems have a specific aim and an objective that defines each system. Our range offer the most technologically advanced and accomplished products for your home.

Design, layout and functionality come together in each model as it undergoes state-of-the-art testing to ensure the product meets your expectations. So, which products are included in this range …

Evolution premium floor to ceiling cavity unit

This door system offers the perfect balance between open and closed plan living. This product is perfect for rooms coming off living and dining areas; open your office or entertainment room to make one great open zone or close the door to create two smaller rooms. Individually custom made, this door system also makes for impressively large door openings.

Pivot Door System

There are a whole range of benefits behind our pivot system, so no need to ask yourself why this product is so popular – but consider, is this product the solution for you? This product is perfect for larger doors and entryways. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of this system is its clever self-closing mechanism. With a factory assembled frame, quality fittings and the flexibility to choose your door from our extensive Entrance range, the Pivot System is the perfect fit for any home in need of a grand entrance.

Evolution Cavity Unit

You might have seen our blog on installing cavity units, but how much do you really know about this Evolution product? Not only is this system easy to install, with its quick release mechanism, but it manages to be both space-saving and contemporarily appealing. The jump-free ‘U’ track allows for smooth operation, making this door both beautiful and functional.


This door system is the very best in space-saving storage. The sliding wardrobe door system features aluminium top and bottom tracks and the doors – which you can pick from any of our internal door options – are fitted with two smooth running nylon wheels in steel casings in the bottom of each door. Not only is it the perfect solution for anyone looking to make the most of every space in their home, but its ability to be customised allows you to pick and choose which door would suit the room best.

Evolution Steel Cavity Unit

You may recognise the steel cavity unit from our space-saving blog, but this product is about more than making the most of small areas. Like the Evolution cavity unit mentioned above, this system features a quick release mechanism to make door installation and removal a breeze. Where a hinged door would take up a degree of the room’s floor space, this solution tucks seamlessly away into the otherwise unused wall pocket. It’s great for anyone in a smaller home, or rooms like the laundry. It’s also tough; this product is totally termite proof!

Bi-fold Interior Folding Systems

With our help , the installation process for bi-fold doors is easy. But what benefits do they come with and are they the door system for you? Like our cavity units, this product doesn’t steal space away from the area with needless swing room. Rather, it folds back on to itself smoothly and quietly. It is available in a wide range of styles and sizes, so this door system is the best product for anyone styling an area with unique needs.

Multi-Fold Interior Folding Systems

Similar to the bi-fold, the multi-fold door system folds back on to itself. This product reaps all the rewards of the bi-fold, as well as giving you the ability to turn one room into two (and vice versa) due to its larger size and multiple door leaf configurations.

Pre-Hung Interior

While you may already be familiar with how to install this product, the question remains; why pick this door system? Not only does it come factory fitted – saving you time and money – but this is the door system recommended by Australia’s leading builders. Again, leaving the choice up to the customer, you can choose from any door in our internal range and have a range of jamb materials and hinge options available. Mitred architraves in various profiles can also be added on to this product on request.

Evolution Touch Door Release System

While you can learn how to install this product with our blog, there is a whole range of benefits to the Evolution touch outside of the fact that it’s DIY-friendly. Not only is it the perfect addition to cavity units, the Evolution touch takes usability one step further with its one-touch release mechanism.  A simple touch on the open door releases it from the wall, where magnetised technology holds it in place. The system is a great solution for the homes of today.

Alfresco Folding System

The Alfresco folding system is an entertainer’s greatest weapon. The fully assembled product allows you to double your living space with a feeling of relaxed outdoor living. In the winter, let this doors glass inserts invite in the sunshine – in the summer, open it up to get that fresh breeze.

Weatherguard Frames

This system is made with full perimeter seals that improve energy efficiency while reducing outside noise. An anti-slip sill gives you peace-of-mind when it comes to safety. The product’s self-draining aluminium sill improves moisture control, providing your door and home with better protection.

Standard Entry Frames

Hume’s standard entry frames are great for time efficient customers. The fully assembled frame is available primed for painting, saving you valuable time in your DIY or renovation venture. These frames can be altered to suit extreme weather conditions, such as bushfires, and can be requested in specific sizes and types.

Now that you know a little more about the Hume door systems, which one will work best for you? Have you spotted a product that could work for your next project? These systems all aim to fulfil a specific purpose, so if you’re experiencing a common problem, it’s likely the technology used in these products can help you!

If you have any questions about our door systems and how they can help you, or want to know more about any Hume products, give us a call today!