A modern reno dream made a reality with Hume Doors prize

When it comes to design, many of us are in search for those modern touches that make our home unique. For one lucky Hume Doors prize winner, this dream became a reality.

Earlier this year, Tricia entered our Rapid Reno Mate™ Hume Door Prize Competition and was selected as a winner! She got to pick any door from our entire range. Her previous entrance door was outdated, weathered and worn-out from everyday use and the addition of their lovable pets.

So, winning this door meant her dreams of updating the family home, and adding a modern pop, would soon come true.

Making the right choice and getting the right fit

Tricia decided to choose the XN2 design from our popular Newington range.

This design is versatile and has been crafted with strength, durability and stability in mind. So, Tricia’s pets and kids are less likely to be a cause for concern in the future.

Tricia wanted to add a modern flair to her home and thought that with the Newington range, this could be achieved.

“We chose Hume’s Newington XN2 to update the entrance of our 80s brick home, and thought this look wouldn’t date quickly,” Tricia said.

“The prize from Hume and Rapid Reno Mate meant I could invest a little more in this feature. I could pick a product I really love, even if it’s a little out of my price range.”

With the XN2 design, Tricia will be able to add that fresh touch without skimping out on the quality and durability needed for a family dwelling.

They had some issues with fitting the door to the original framework, but with a bit of customisation and shaving down, the door was then able to be installed.

Some personal touches

With any Hume Doors renovation, we like to hear about the personal touches people add to their home that make it authentic, and add character to the place.

Tricia decided to opt for translucent glass with her Newington door, providing privacy, while still allowing plenty of light into the home. She also added a pop of blue against the white door frames to bring her previously dull looking entrance back to life.

“We painted the door frames white, and the door blue so the door/frame would ‘pop’ against the darker brickwork and blend with the white screen door – gone is the brown/burgundy look,” Tricia said to Hume.

They also opted for a new door handle to add to their door. Having incorporated the Lockwood Spire Satin Nexion Mechanical Entry lockset, security has been taken to the next level with automatic locking after entering and anti-deadlock prevention features.

We love the futuristic touch Tricia has added to this Hume door and think it is a great contrast against the older brickwork features of the home.

Tricia was very sure of her vision, but for DIYers who aren’t as sure (or want to explore their options!) we suggest trying the Rapid Reno Mate app. It’s free and puts a one-stop-renovating-shop into the palms of your hands.

Good things take time

Coming to the completion of this door, however, took some time.

“We took months to finish the door, due to my brother and I having conflicting work schedules, as well as the weather,” Tricia recalled.

Tricia’s brother, who is a carpenter, helped a lot throughout the installation process. After many months, however, of conflicting timetables, Tricia decided to get involved and do some DIY herself.

It’s fair to say that Tricia is glad to see the last of painting and the re-coating process.

That being said, she admits the paint finish and overall product adds such a fun touch to their family home and couldn’t be happier with the result.

“Many thanks to Hume Doors and Rapid Reno Mate for making this a reality, it is a joy to come home to,” she said.

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A whole new look for Tricia’s home!