Our guide to installing the Smartrobe system

Are you looking for the perfect finishing touch for a bedroom makeover? Hume Doors & Timber’s Smartrobe sliding door system is a quick and easy DIY project to wrap up your renovation. One of the best features of the Smartrobe system is that it is compatible with any of our internal doors meaning whatever your […]

How to choose the right type of glass for your door

Having glass as part of your door design can add some great functionality and aesthetics, but only if done correctly! There is a huge range of glass door designs to choose from, but also various different types of glass, all of which have different roles. To help you out we’ve provided some helpful tips for […]

DIY made easy with our Pre-Hung Doors!

We try to make your door installation process as pain-free as possible, but we understand that sometimes customers may want to avoid biting off more than they can chew when it comes to DIY renovations. That’s why we’ve got a range of options like our pre-hung door system! This product is made to suit single, […]

Alfresco doors – sunshine and warmth all year ’round

Alfresco Door System

If you enjoy a Summer where you can open your home to the morning sunrise, as well as the cooling evening breeze, and you love the warmth of the Winter sun streaming through large clear windows, our Alfresco range of folding doors will be the perfect addition to your home. This product allows you to […]

How to change an existing door

Replacing an old, worn-out door with a new one doesn’t require the skills of a seasoned carpenter. However, changing an existing door can make a world of difference to the look and feel of your home. The right tools and a few carpentry tips – paired with our range of internal and external doors – can […]

Are your doors winter proof?

Newington Entrance Door

Does your home feel like the inside of a freezer, despite your efforts to keep the place warm? Forget over-using your heaters or indoor fireplaces, the culprit may well be your external doors. As we traverse another winter, it’s worth taking the time to check your doors for drafts, given poorly sealed doors can account […]

Tips when measuring your doorway

Measuring a door frame

A gorgeous new door begins with precise measurement of your door opening. You definitely wouldn’t want to take the time to pick a beautiful new door only to have it not fit perfectly – especially with Hume’s customisation options! Why is an accurate measurement important? Did you know that the height & width can vary […]

How to inspect doors for air and water leaks

Air and water leaks in the home or office can sometimes be frustrating. Air leakage alone can contribute to significant loss of coolness where air conditioners are turned on during hot days. It also accounts for 15-25 per cent of heat loss in buildings and houses throughout those cooler months. Did you know that 40 […]

Storing your doors onsite: the right way

We all know how important it is to take care of our doors with regular cleaning, checking and lubrication. We also know we need to ensure they are protected from harsh weather. But what is often overlooked is the storage of your new doors before they’re installed. Knowing a bit about storing your doors is […]

How to create the perfect indoor/outdoor space

Aussies love Summer and soaking up those rays in the warmer months. While we’ve suggested products that let sunlight into your home, you also have the option of literally bringing the outdoors in by blending your inside and outside spaces. Veranda areas and indoor/outdoor rooms can make a great addition to your home.  They’re the perfect […]