When building or renovating your home, choosing the right door hardware is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. However, as reno expert Naomi Findlay points out, the right door hardware can make or break the style of any room!

Your internal doors require different handles or locks in order to look great and function effectively. This part of the door, the hardware, is also used every time you utilise the door. So, it might be a minor detail, but its impact is much greater than you might expect.

As a seasoned renovator, Naomi has some great tips on how to choose the right door hardware for your home.

We’ve outlined her advice below.

Door knobs and handles

Naomi says a poorly-chosen door knob or handle can put a serious dent in your style credibility – not to mention functionality. Just like your doors, every handle and knob is unique. We’ve broken down the differences between them below.

  • Passage set handles

Passage set handles are used on doors when privacy isn’t an issue, like on room such as a hallway or laundry. These handles will include a striker plate, a latch, and handles so they can close.

  • Privacy lockset handles

Wherever privacy is needed, like bedrooms and bathrooms, these are popular. They can range from basic to sophisticated locks – depending on the level of privacy you’re after.

While having privacy handles are ideal for a little extra security, it’s important they can be unlocked from the outside in the case of an emergency.

The outside of the door handle will include a release. You can unlock this with a flat head screwdriver, a dull kitchen knife, or release tools (which may come with the lockset).

You should always test the functionality of these handles when you install them and be sure to follow the instructions on how to test the emergency release.

Choosing the right door hardware

Choosing your door hardware isn’t as simple as which type of handle you’re after. Door hardware comes down to the style of your home, the design you like, and even the material of your doors.

Our range of internal doors requires different handles.

For example, our Frontier barn door ranges usually features a barn door handle or a recessed handle. Our other door systems, like the Hampton or Linear doors, usually feature a passage set handle or a simple door knob.

You don’t always have to choose a standard door knob or handle. We always encourage our customers to be creative – check out these rolling pin door handles created by @the.highlands.mumma on Instagram!

@the.highlands.mumma‘s cute rolling pin door handles!

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