Classic versus Modern doors

There can be a lot to consider when designing elements of your home; practicality, safety, colour schemes. The list goes on! But one big thing that takes a lot of consideration is style – which style is for you?

We’re shining some light on the subject and hopefully we can help you decide which style you’ll choose for your next door.

There are two clear categories to pick from, so the first step is deciding if you prefer a classic, traditional style, or if you prefer the modern, contemporary look. Here’s a bit about each:


Firstly, there’s a reason the classic style is so popular. This style is timeless and, if it is done right and the perfect door is used, it can create a warm and welcoming feeling that spreads throughout the whole home. This look is generally pulled together with a combination of smaller aspects, such as (but not limited to):

  • Pigmented colours (painting your door a dusty burgundy/red, plum/violet, navy blue etc.)
  • Highly polished brass fittings (a nice bronze door handle or grand door knocker are a couple of options)
  • Exposed timber (a stained door is an alternative to the pigmented paint options)

For example, entrance doors like Carringbush or Regency give off a traditional feel. You expect the inside to be homey and classic from this first impression. However, some people worry about falling into the trap of being unoriginal with this style. It can be hard to create a classic look that is dramatically different from what has already been done. So if you desire to be more creative in your design process, maybe a modern style is more your pace.


Choosing a contemporary style means the sky is the limit. With the idea of what ‘modern’ is, the look is constantly changing and updating so there are no rules! However, there are some aspects most modern homes all seem to have, including:

  • Innovative design (a door shouldn’t be just a door – if it has glass inserts it can be a window too)
  • A sleek overall feel (the best way to tell something is new and modern is for it to look that way!)
  • Solid colours (grey is very popular in modern homes but it’s important the home doesn’t look too dark and small – it’s all in the design)

A clean, smooth look is most popular for people pursuing this style and, as a result, we often see them use products from the Newington and Savoy ranges. Modern homes are great for unique individuals who want to add a touch of personal style. But, it can be difficult to keep up to date.

When it comes down to it, it all depends on what you find most appealing. If you find a door that fits well with your home and aligns perfectly with your style, that’s the one for you! Have a look at some options here.