Hamptons style with Hume doors

Coastal Hamptons style with Hume Doors

Monique from @hamptonshaven knew she wanted to create a home with a very distinct design. She wanted a home that had a luxurious, coastal Hamptons style with Hume Doors & Timber products.

We discovered Monique on Instagram after she tagged us in a photo of her gorgeous dining room – think raked ceilings, wainscoting and our Joinery LIN10 door in white. And, after seeing her beautiful Hamptons style with Hume Doors, we wanted to learn more!

So we had a chat with Monique to learn about her new home and why she chose Hume Doors to create her Hamptons haven.

Stroud Homes bring Hamptons Haven to life

Hailing from Brisbane East, Monique started the hunt for a local builder. Stroud Homes Brisbane East was her first pick. They took on the project, and had completely finished by early 2019. The home, which Monique calls the Hamptons Haven, was everything she imagined once it came to life.

“The floor plan was a mix of a few of Stroud Homes’ designs and I changed things around to suit my wants,” said Monique. “It ended up being completely custom designed. And, they were amazing at accommodating all my requests.”

Once the basis of the house was designed and built, Monique had to make the decision on how to tie her Hamptons style in with her choice of doors.

Hamptons style with Hume Doors

Monique told us that Stroud Homes, who built the home, recommended Hume Doors & Timber to her. Their team regularly use and install our doors and even feature Hume in their display homes. So it made sense to follow the experts. That’s when Monique first fell in love with the Hume internal door that she went on to use for her laundry, bedrooms and bathrooms!

“I originally fell in love with the LIN10 at a display home. So, I would definitely recommend looking at display homes to get ideas,” Monique said. “I even originally picked the LIN10 for the front door but a consultant recommended the XVP12 to give the home a more premium, Hamptons look.”

Monique loved the range of styles Hume Doors offered and was able to find the perfect doors to create the Hamptons coastal look. Alongside the LIN10 and XPV12 doors, Monique used Hume’s JST10 door for her pantry and media room, our PRE11 Internal for two bedrooms and our Internal Cap door to lead to the garage. As the photos show, it’s clear Monique managed to perfectly create the Hamptons style with Hume Doors!

Dazzling friends and family with Hamptons coastal style

Monique’s decision to use Hume Doors to create her Hamptons haven is one she doesn’t regret. Her internal doors let in the perfect amount of light for you to imagine you’re soaking up the Summer sun in the Hamptons!

“I loved the LIN10 internal door with its glass panels for my internal doors,” said Monique. “And, my dream of having the perfect front blue door became a reality thanks to the Hume XVP12!”

Her Hamptons style with Hume Doors is one all of her visitors love to comment on. “Hume Doors definitely makes such an impact to achieving this theme,” Monique said. “And everyone always comments on the doors. But, until I started to design my home, I never realised how much of a difference a door can make!”

So, when her sister started planning her own build, soon after Monique did, she made sure Hume’s LIN10 doors were immediately recommended!

Future DIY with Hume Doors

While her Hamptons style with Hume Doors is now completed, Monique said she definitely wants to use more Hume products in the future.

“Stroud installed all of our doors. But, I do think that anybody who is handy would be able to install the doors themselves. You can put together such a great feature to your home all by hand,” said Monique.

“I actually decided too late that I would have loved a barn door for the internal entry to the garage. So that may have to be a DIY project!”

Check out our website for our range of products that can help you create your own Hamptons haven like Monique!

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