Entrance Door Venetian

Consider the Venetian!

Often, the first thing we consider when choosing a door is appearance and which style will compliment your home’s overall look.

But what about practicality? What if you realise that the beautiful fully glazed door you installed leading into your laundry doesn’t allow enough privacy? What if the sun hits your back door in the afternoon and the glare through the door is too much? How can you fix the issue without taking away from the look and feel of the door, or blocking out light completely?

Luckily, we here at Hume Doors & Timber have thought of this for you and have the perfect product that is both beautiful and practical – our Venetian.

This door, from our range of entrance products, features a glass opening and fully functioning internal blind system. What sets the Venetian apart from regular door blinds is the way it has been manufactured. Rather than the blinds being situated externally from the door, this door encases them right between two pieces of tempered safety glass. With the blinds located inside the door, as opposed to the outside, maintenance and cleaning commitments become almost non-existent!

You can enjoy the luxury of deciding between light and dark, and the option of privacy, without the hassles of up-keep. But it doesn’t stop there. The Venetian has the added bonus of magnetic finger-tip controls. So, rather than using annoying cords – that tend to get frayed, knotted and tangled – a simple touch is all you need to tilt, raise and lower the blinds.

To see the Venetian for yourself, check out your nearest Hume distributor. If you have any questions, you can call and get in touch with our team today. Or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram!