Finding the right wardrobe door

When you think about it, your wardrobe doors can make or break your room – as they are one of the few permanent fixtures in your bedroom!

Often wardrobe doors are an untapped component of a bedroom makeover or design that most people don’t pay enough attention to.

The perfect room aesthetic can be achieved by selecting pieces that complement each other. We might try to match our curtains to one of the colours in our rug, or select pillow cases based on how their texture flatters the rest of the bed.

But to achieve the perfect look, we need to think about the room before these decorative extras are added. We need to consider the bare structure and design of the space.

We know it doesn’t sound like much, but this one – seemingly minor – aspect of the bedroom has huge potential.

Think about it. Other than the bed, the wardrobe is often one of the biggest items in the area. It has the ability to tie all the other pieces together and it can carry on the whole theme of the room, if you find the right door.

So how exactly do you find the right fit wardrobe doors for your room?

You’ll need to begin by asking yourself a few questions about the door, including the colour, texture and design you’d like.

If it’s a modern, cutting-edge look you’re after, perhaps the sleek SOR6 from our Sorrento range is the way to go.

Or maybe you’re after a more traditional option. The timeless Ascot door from our Moulded Panel range will feel right at home in a simple and sweet setting. The humble four panel design gives the whole room a cosy, comfortable feel.

However, hinged wardrobe doors won’t always work in some rooms. Our Smartrobe System is a popular option for those wanting to save space.

Rather than swinging open, as a hinged door would, each door slides individually over the others. Available in two, three and four door options, and a range of reveal and track choices, you can be sure to find a combination to suit any style room.

It doesn’t matter if you want your new bedroom to be traditional and elegant, colourful and fun, glossy and contemporary or anywhere in between.

Finding the right wardrobe door for you is an important step in the room design process.

If you’d like to look at our range, please feel free to drop into one of our showrooms or visit one of our valued distributors.