Finishing touches on your door

There’s a lot to be said for the finishing touches on your door! They are one of the most used components of every door, but how much consideration really goes in to choosing your door handles and knobs?

It is easy to dismiss these pieces of door hardware as a basic inclusion, but a poorly chosen handle or knob can put a serious dent in your style credibility, as well as your functionality!

Depending the choice of door, there are many things to consider.

Knowing the types

A passage door will have either a handle or a knob, but no lock. Passage doors are typically used as a hallway access door, or for storage cupboards.

Privacy doors for bedrooms and bathrooms generally feature a button lock. This lock can be manually engaged and disengaged from the inside. It can also be locked/unlocked via a pin key inserted through a small hole. This will feature on the external side and can be used if necessary. Again, the choice is between a handle and knob.

But what about wardrobes and other interior doors that don’t require a lock? Dummy knobs or handles, that don’t turn, can be used here.

A keyed entry set is another type of lock. This is one that can be locked and unlocked from both sides for controlled access. Most often the points-of-entry doors, providing access to your home, used this keyed option.

Knobs or handles?

This depends on the occupants of the home. Knobs can be difficult to negotiate for the elderly, small children and people with a disability. So, taking time to consider ease-of-use can impact your hardware decision.

Style is a key factor and has the ability to make or break the overall look and feel of a space. A poor choice would be to team a contemporary brushed steel over-size handle with an art deco door.

Modern, contemporary homes feature clean lines and simple backplates in chrome, stainless steel, matt black finishes and discrete locking mechanisms. Handles and locks on older, more traditionally styled homes will depend on the era.

Whether you are choosing handles or knobs for your new home, replacing tired and worn-out fittings and fixtures, or are just looking to make a quick update to your home, before you head to your local hardware store or locksmith take some time to consider the form and function you’re aiming for.

Our fantastic range of distributors can help make an informed choice when it comes to the finishing touches on your door.