Help with extensive door range for rebuild

When undertaking a home build there are a lot of decisions to be made – with doors obviously one of them! Angie (@masterton_villina) and her family were undertaking a knockdown/rebuild with Masterton Homes to create their dream family home in the inner west of New South Wales.

“We purchased the land from my husband, David’s, father, creating a great connection as David grew up in the old house on the land,” Angie said. “I also grew up in the area, our families live nearby, and we love the neighbourhood and the schools are great.”

Hume Doors are the preferred door supplier for Masterton Homes, so Angie had been supplied with a range of catalogues to choose their doors from.

“After looking through everything I had questions around specifications and options, but I also wanted to get some advice on the front doors, as it was going to literally be the ‘face’ of our home.”

“I reached out to Hume Doors via social media, as I had noticed that they were really active on Instagram,” Angie continued.

“I was pleasantly surprised at the detailed answers provided as well as the speed of reply.”

Angie and David had a number of considerations for their entrance door – they wanted something a bit unique, preferably with less glass and something with a bit of a curve to contrast with the straight lines in the house design.

Eventually deciding on the Newington XN6 in the special size of 1200mm with translucent laminate glazing, Angie said she couldn’t be happier with the result.

Once it was installed Angie opted for a quantum timber Walnut coloured stain, matching it with the Gainsborough Tri-lock Omni Series door handle.

Moving out of the original home in July 2018 as a family of three, Angie and her family have returned to the new home as a happy family of four.

If you need help picking the perfect door, make sure you reach out to us! We would love to help.

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