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Are you looking to replace your old doors but are unsure how to correctly measure your doorways? Naomi Findlay has got you covered! As a renovation expert, Naomi knows a thing or two about replacing doors and how to correctly measure your doorways.

We’ve broken down Naomi’s DIY steps on how to measure your doorways correctly, every time.

Bonus tips for measuring doorways

Naomi says that a new door always begins with precise measurements. Every door differs between height and width, and not every door has a perfect square swing. Plus, when you shop with Hume, we offer custom measurements – so knowing the exact dimensions of your frame is essential! You have to be prepared to have an even margin between the frame and the door. To correctly measure your doorways there are a few steps you need to take:

  1. Always measure your doors from inside the rebate of your doorjamb.

You begin by measuring the width of your door from the top, middle and bottom of the frame, from left to right. Make sure this measurement is between the rebates where the door will sit.

  • Ensure you have three-millimetre clearance on both sides of the top of your door.

A three-millimetre clearance is essential for measuring doorways. To ensure your door has this, measure the diagonals from the top left corner, to the bottom right corner. Then repeat, vice versa.

It’s important to note these diagonal measurements should be the same. If they’re not, your door is out of square. You will then need to allow for additional trimming when fitting your door.

  • Measure the frame rebate where the door sits.

The size of the rebate will determine the width of your door. A 38-millimetre rebate will suit a 35-millimetre thick door, while a 42 to 44-millimetre rebate will suit a 40-millimetre thick door.

When you measure the width of your door, always go with the largest width of the three areas (if the measurements differ). The same rule applies for your height measurements. This way, you’re guaranteed to install the correct door which will fit your frame rebate.

Bonus tips for measuring doorways

  • If you’re installing a thick floor covering like carpets, ensure the door has extra height to account for the floor!
  • Always measure twice to check your measurements are correct. You know the age-old saying: ‘measure twice, cut once!’
  • Get advice from the experts if you’re still unsure. Speak to your local builder or stockist to help you determine the correct measurements for your doorway.

Replacing the old door

Upgrading your door can be a tricky task, but is completely worth it! A new door can help breathe a fresh life into your home.

However, you want to make sure you’ve found the perfect replacement. Whether you’re replacing your entrance or internal doors, we have a range of products suited for every home. Visit our website to find the perfect replacement door for your home.

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