Indoor/outdoor setting - Alfresco Door system

How to create the perfect indoor/outdoor space

Aussies love Summer and soaking up those rays in the warmer months. While we’ve suggested products that let sunlight into your home, you also have the option of literally bringing the outdoors in by blending your inside and outside spaces. Veranda areas and indoor/outdoor rooms can make a great addition to your home. Brighten up your home with our Alfresco Door system.

Alfresco areas – such as verandas – are the perfect fit for Aussie homes. Whether you’re reading a book out in the sun, having an outdoor family dinner, or entertaining friends. And they work everywhere – city or country. A larger home on a sizeable block of land might have a jungle of plants and trees overseeing their indoor/outdoor area, while a small city apartment with no backyard could make the most of an Alfresco door and open their whole home to the outside.  

So, what is an indoor/outdoor area and how can I achieve it? 

Homes with their own indoor/outdoor living space are on the rise. Designers and proprietors are styling their outside areas to be more comfortable and useful – they’re blurring the line between inside and out. And how do you do that? Doors of course! 

There’s a number of reasons for the rise in indoor/outdoor spaces; the increased cost of land is making homeowners fully utilise all areas of their block, the need to “get back to nature” and appreciate the gardens and outside environment available, and – as of late – the appropriate conditions to allow for outdoor living. With such warm Summer nights and a comfortable evening sun, relaxing with a cool drink in hand on your back veranda is the perfect way to unwind. 

Nowadays, people are building and renovating their houses with the outdoors in mind. These newer homes often feature an outdoor area that compliments the inside and expands the relevant theme. A well-done patio, for example, can tie the whole block together and create comfort even outdoors. Think about it, even popular renovation shows like House Rules have whole episodes dedicated to the all-important outside zone. 

Here’s a few basic tips to get your started on your own indoor/outdoor space; 

Throw away the broken plastic table and splintering deck chairs. 

If you’re updating your current area, it’s likely you’ll need to spend a little money on new furniture. This doesn’t mean going all out and blowing your budget on a feature water-fountain, it simply means being prepared to invest in better furniture – especially since it’ll be out in the elements, so you’ll want good quality products.

Plan before execution. 

It’s true that any location can have an indoor/outdoor space, but you need to decide what will work for you. For example, a little balcony in the city might benefit from a smaller, two-person table and chairs set, with more room for some pot plants and maybe a mirror to give the illusion of a bigger space. Where a Savoy 1200 makes a perfect grand entrance to a big backyard, the slimmer Savoy 820 might be a better fit for a smaller area. You’ll need to figure out what you want, what your budget can afford and how you’re going to reach your goals before you start the renovation process. Thankfully, we have an extensive range of products and systems – of all styles and sizes – to suit any space. 

Talk to an expert. 

Our professional staff are just a phone call away and they’ve got the knowledge you need when it comes to the most important product; the door! For example, you’ll need to decide if you want the outside and inside to blend together, or if you’d like a solid door to separate the spaces. Conduct your own research and ensure you’re doing your Alfresco Door system justice!

Consider trends and assess your options. 

If you see a style you like, consider how you can replicate the look. A popular trend among indoor/outdoor space is French double doors. Our Joinery Entrance range is popular for DIYers creating this style, and it comes in a variety of designs and shapes to suit any theme, any size! 

Remember, the style is totally up to you, so you can make it your own. A functional, welcoming space could be just the ticket to unwind – as much as we love doors, we don’t want to be stuck inside all the time!  

For any further questions about the Alfresco Door system, or to chat about any Hume products, get in contact with us today. Visit one of our fantastic distributors to see the doors for yourself!