Hume Doors make the perfect fit for new Mount Waverley townhouse

When Amy and her family began renovating their home, they wanted to create a space that would reflect their personal style, so their choice of internal doors was a big decision. The Hume Doors range offered the perfect fit.

We found Amy on Instagram and had a chat with her about her new build and the whole renovation process.

“Our modest three-bedroom townhouse needed an upgrade to cater for my two little boys,” she said, explaining the decision to create a four-bedroom home. “It was a little upgrade in terms of size, but it gave us the opportunity to update our finishes.”

Amy chose Mount Waverley’s Majestix Builders for the project, saying they gave her the flexibility to pick and choose from a range of stylings and features. “We could really make it our own,” she said.

When it came time to select new internal doors, her builder suggested she check out the Hume range. “I really liked that we weren’t limited by small selections or ranges in the way volume builders would,” she explained. So, the Hume internal door search began.

“We didn’t want a plain flush door,” Amy recalled. So when she came across our Linear internal range, she knew she’d found the perfect fit. “This style gave the space a little oomph!” she said.

With our large range of distributors, it wasn’t long before Amy got to see the product in real life. “Bunnings made it easily accessible,” she explained.

Originally Amy thought the HLR230 would make the perfect bathroom door. “It’s modern and goes well with the tapware we have used,” she explained.

She liked the style so much she later decided to keep it consistent throughout the home. “In the end, we used this style for all our internal doors, whether it was a sliding, double-French or one single door,” she said.

The doors were finished with Dulux white on white (semi-gloss) and stylish black handles before taking their place in the new home.

Check out the progress of Amy’s new family home on Instagram, @mylittlehome1

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