Hume Doors & Timber embraces environmental sustainability

You’re probably asking yourself, how does a company that makes doors from timber consider itself environmentally sustainable? Well, here at Hume Doors, we are committed to operating our entire business with environmental awareness, protection and enhancement at the forefront.

The future of our products, business, industry and customer satisfaction is directly linked to the sustainability of the world’s forests, which is why our manufacturing and distribution processes have been designed to minimise our environmental footprint.

We know that the continued growth and planting of forests aids in the reduction of carbon dioxide as well as ensures the longevity and sustainability of our products. We strive to ensure we are constantly meeting our goal of being responsible corporate citizens which is why we will only use, manufacture or market products that we can 100 per cent guarantee have been sourced safely and in an ecologically sustainable manner.

It is because of our ongoing endeavours in environmental stewardship that we can say with complete confidence to our valued customers that our products have been produced in accordance with applicable independent environmental standards.

When conducting our business, we ensure that the environment is top of mind in all our processes by:

  • Reusing and recycling by-products, packaging and waste material
  • Reducing the level of packaging and consumables used
  • Capturing, storing and using rainwater for our water needs
  • Maximising transport loads, therefore reducing energy requirements
  • Utilising energy to its maximum efficiency
  • Subscribing to renewable energy sources where possible
  • Utilising recycled product where possible
  • Organising our transportation routes to minimise energy requirements of our vehicle fleet
  • Providing reliable, long lasting products that are backed by a 5-year guarantee

Ensuring our suppliers of raw material products are accredited by appropriate independent, third party environmental stewardship programs including FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes), AFS (Australian Forestry Standard), etc and hold to the principles of and guidelines contained within these programs.

Hume Doors embraces environmental awareness, protection and enhancement throughout all business practices.

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