Hume Doors used in forever home for eight!

One happy couple, their six children and a new home build – there’s no doubt about it, Kelly and Simon Pyne have a lot on their plate! We’re so grateful they took time out of their busy schedule to chat to us about their experience with using Hume products.

We first stumbled upon the Pyne family via a tag on their Instagram. Still in the early stages of construction, Kelly and Simon were proactive in their planning. “This is our second build,” Kelly said. “Our first build was 13 years ago and we were very young, so we knew this time around we needed to work hard and plan in advance to create our forever home.”

The couple both grew up in the Southern Highlands. Now they own a local business in the area, so it made sense to build there. “We did a lot of research on building companies who serviced our area and decided to go with Masterton Homes for their quality inclusions,” Kelly explained. She said Masterton’s quality service and perfectly-suited floorplan sealed the deal.

“We’re happy that Masterton deals with Hume as we are aware of the fantastic reputation Hume products have in the industry,” Kelly said. The builder had always dealt with Hume and Kelly and Simon are happy with the choice. “And it worked out well,” Kelly stated. “We love the standard that comes with every Hume product.”

And they should know – the family ordered a total of 22 doors from Hume! Their internal doors are a combination of products from the Accent and Joinery Internal ranges. While their exterior doors are from the Joinery Entrance and Savoy 1200 ranges.


The inside bedrooms, bathrooms, linen cupboard and laundry all used the Accent HAG12. Kelly said they wanted a subtle but stylish design.

“We like that these doors feel homey and they don’t draw the eye too much – they fit well within the rooms, without taking anything away from the overall look we wanted,” she said.

The butler’s pantry, home theatre room and study used the LIN1 from the Joinery Internal options.

“The Joinery Internal range was nice and modern, so we used it for the rooms that are a little more than the every day,” Kelly explained.

While the bedrooms are much more personal, they wanted these rooms to feel a little more special. They picked a product with frosted glass inserts and contemporary architecture, then stained them with Quantum’s transparent cocoa for a touch of extra chic.

When it came to the outside doors, they made their choices based on practicality and aesthetics. “We wanted the sun to flow into our back laundry, so we needed a product with glass inserts,” Kelly said. They picked the JST1 with clear glass from the Joinery Entrance range. As an added bonus it has the same cutting-edge architecture as inside’s LIN1, so the whole home feels tied together.

When it came to the front door, Kelly had a clear idea in her mind. Again, natural lighting was a must, so they needed to find another door that offered a glass inserts option.

“I felt like every house I looked at had horizontal glass panels and I wanted my home to be different,” Kelly explained. “I loved the design of the XS45 from the Savoy range, and it had vertical glass, so I decided it was the one.”

This door was also the perfect fit for the big family; the glass means you can keep an eye on the kids from inside and the wide entryway means there’s no hassles when it comes to getting everyone out the door quickly on the way to school and work.

A big thing for Kelly and Simon is the functionality and style of their home. It’s going to be their forever home, so they need every element to compliment the reality of life in a house of eight people. We think they’ve made excellent choices so far – picking doors that can stand the test of time and will be practical with their ever-growing family and deciding on a front door that they are happy to point out and say, ‘that’s our place.’

“We’re still in the early stages but we can’t wait until we can lock up that grand front door and take away the keys to our forever home,” Kelly beamed. “Simon and I highly recommend Hume to anyone looking to build,” she concluded.

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