Hume joins the latest innovation in home renovation

Hume Doors & Timber is excited to partner with Rapid Reno Mate. This app is the newer, smarter way to renovate your home. And, it comes at no additional cost to you, the renovator! Because this app is completely free, you’ll have a little extra coin to put towards the renovation.

What is Rapid Reno Mate?

The Rapid Reno Mate app is the ultimate renovator’s companion. It provides inspiration and motivation for your home improvement projects. And the best thing is, it’s all in the palm of your hand!

With its sophisticated budget calculator, project manager and free resource section, this app will guide renovators through every stage of their journey. So, it’ll get you where you need to be, no matter how big or small the job!

How is Hume involved?

We’ve been partnering with Rapid Reno Mate for two years now!

Users are able to search the app for Hume’s extensive range of internal and external doors. You will be guided through all your options, helping you find the perfect product for every space. And the app even directs you to your nearest supplier. So, this process saves you time (which can be better spent on completing the renovation)!

Plus, we also share our easy-to-follow instructions on how to install your doors, care and maintenance, tips on painting and staining your doors and suggestions about the type of hardware needed to maximise functionality.

Features of the app

Key features of the Rapid Reno Mate include:

  • Plan all your renovation projects
  • Develop and track your budget
  • Manage your trades and work site
  • Select your products and find the nearest supplier
  • Access to exclusive member offers
  • Inspiration and DIY help

This project is brainchild of Renovation Expert, Naomi Findlay. The Rapid Reno Mate app was developed based on her experience renovating over 110 properties. Because she has done so many renovations, Naomi was able to see a gap in the market. And so came the invention of Rapid Reno Mate. Her aim was to create a simple solution to help and guide renovators at every stage of their journey.

Start that renovation now

It’s never been easier to start renovating! So, what are you waiting for?

We know it’s easy to put your plans on hold, life gets busy! But now is the perfect time to get on board the renovation bandwagon. Rapid Reno Mate has technology that’s never been on offer before. And it’s totally FREE!

Download the Rapid Reno Mate from the App Store or Google Play today!

For any questions, give us a call today!