Little Red Industries and Hume nail a room reno

Here at Hume Doors & Timber, we love seeing home makeovers. We’re even more excited when our door solutions are a part of the process.

Our friends at Little Red Industries recently took on a renovation project where the main goal was to create a useful home office that doubles as a great spare bedroom. Founder, Natasha Dickins, wanted the project to be geared for everyday DIY to show how easy it can be and encourage you to take on your own reno.

Natasha put together a three-step plan for the project:

  1. Remove the most dated/dysfunctional element,
  2. Add a modern/functional element,
  3. Improve the experience of the room.

We were thrilled the Hume Doors & Timber Evolution Cavity and Evolution Touch Door Release System gave Natasha the perfect finish to the revamped room.

The Evolution systems replaced an out-dated, traditional hinged door, giving the room a sleek, modern style. The old door opened inwards, taking up a lot of swing-room in the already small space. Our Hume cavity unit tucks seamlessly into the neighbouring wall freeing up much-needed floor space.

Not only is it a clever solution, but it is a cinch to install, making it perfect for DIYers.

Natasha was stoked. “I installed it on my own – it was a breeze to do, I loved it!”

The renovation was even featured in the Summer 2018/2019 edition of Handyman Magazine!

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