Barn door

Lucky Hume win for @cedarandsuede follower

During the construction of her family’s forever home, Mal Risstrom was overwhelmed by the task of interior design.

Looking for inspiration, she turned to design and styling expert Carlene Duffy – one half of television show renovating couple Michael and Carlene. Their Instagram, @cedarandsuede, became Mal’s go-to for style advice.

It just so happened that, at the time, Hume Doors & Timber had partnered with Michael and Carlene on Instagram for a competition with the winner taking home a $700 Hume Doors voucher. Guess who was the lucky winner?!

“I couldn’t believe my luck. I’ve never won anything and suddenly I was blessed with this amazing prize of a $700 Hume voucher!” she told Hume Doors.

It seems the stars really did align for Mal, as the win came at the perfect time for her family. “It really couldn’t have come at a better time. We had just started building our forever home, and this voucher gave us a little more room to work with in our budget, ensuring we got the doors of our dreams,” she said.

Mal had been an active follower of Michael and Carlene’s work, following them on Instagram in hopes of gaining inspiration for her own plans.

“Whenever I was working on the plans for our home, I’d always end up on Michael and Carlene’s page,” Mal said. Posts like this and this especially drew her attention; “I just adored their barn door and knew a product like that would work perfectly in our front living space, highlighting the openness of the area,” Mal explained.

A year on and Mal’s dream home has been realised. Tall white walls and a plain white ceiling shape the living room, so Mal had planned on using a door as a statement piece. “The barn door works beautifully as it adds a level of interest and texture to an otherwise blank canvas,” she said.

The door also compliments the home’s theme and the name of Mal’s Instagram – @bushandbeachbuild. Having moved from a 750 acre property to the coast, the Risstrom family home reflected both environments; “beach with a touch of country” Mal calls it.

Mal installed the FBDS1, from our Frontier Barn Doors range, to give the space that family-friendly sense of warmth. She picked a darker green tone for the door and paired it with the standard black tracks to add depth to the bright walls and naturally lit space. The colour scheme carries on throughout the house, in the carpet and in key furnishings.

Hume doors were also used as a feature for their hallway, teaming one double and one triple cupboard of HAG11 doors from the Accent range to create an expansive storage cupboard. The on-trend vertical stripes on the front face of the doors add touch of modern flair to this practical space.

“I love that you can mix and match your Hume Doors, so the products work in a variety of spaces. Plus, you can get that exclusive look without breaking the bank. I am so grateful for this wonderful prize,” Mal concluded.

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