Many thanks from a happy customer

There’s nothing we love more than knowing our customers are happy with the services we have provided. So, you can imagine our joy when we received an email from Karyn of Evatt ACT thanking Hume for our “terrifically friendly, delightful attitude” when assisting with an issue that arose from their “high(ly) stressful” build.

Karyn and her family planned to add an extension to the front of their house, to make the whole home more spacious. They planned to fill the new space with a bedroom and ensuite, extending the hallway forward. Karyn said a big part of the build aimed to make the front of the house more interesting – ‘street appeal’ was a very important factor. Following a contractor’s recommendation, she checked the Hume website for a product that would fit the bill. She picked a product from our Linear Entrance range as it was “lovely and big, looked terrific, modern and matched (the) ‘street appeal’ criteria.”

About halfway through the build, they ran into some problems with the builder and Karyn ended up project managing the build. She admitted “the whole thing was so stressful”. Since the job changed hands part-way through, they were left with a range of missing documents and no warranty period on a number of their purchases. The front door was one of these and Karyn feared she wouldn’t be able to seek help if anything were to go wrong with the product.

To follow her spill of bad luck, the front door soon began making a “crazy cracking noise” every time it was opened. With the home’s entrance being a key feature, Karyn knew this problem needed to be fixed. However, since she had ordered her LinearXLR160 online, she couldn’t go back in store and consult one of our distributors for help. One of the tradespeople managed to stop the noise, but it gradually came back and 12 months later the door stopped working completely, leaving Karyn and her family to use the garage door to enter and exit the house.

“We thought about what to do or who to call.  I had no receipts and of course no builder to go back to,” Karyn explained. So, she decided to head to our website and ended up contacting our Sydney office. After a quick call she was told to contact Tony, the area representative. In May this year, Tony dropped by the house and quickly diagnosed the problem – the door’s opening mechanism had been installed backward and this then created a whole range of additional difficulties.

He offered to visit again, this time bringing with him Ray, one of Hume’s door specialists. The two removed the door and fitted it with a new mechanism. “(It) was all done in a very professional but friendly way,” Karyn recalled. “These people were very concerned that their product was not working for us.  We absolutely appreciate their work, and obvious pride in their product.” She was especially delighted that the Hume team came to her aid and fixed the issue “with no (fuss)”.

Karyn and her family said they considered the process “to be the ultimate in after sales service” and are all very grateful. “I would have no hesitation in recommending Hume Doors” she concluded.

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