Modern home design uses Hume Doors

Veronica, who runs the @builderswife Instagram page, wowed us with her use of Hume Doors in her modern home.

We wanted to share everything we have learnt about the beautiful, contemporary home, and Veronica and her husband’s journey in choosing Hume Doors to complete the look!

An opportunity to build

Veronica and her husband, Mark, live in Camden, New South Wales, just south-west of Sydney. True to the name of Veronica’s Instagram page, Mark is a builder with King Homes NSW. He has built more than 200 homes over the past five years. In 2019, the opportunity arose for Mark and Veronica to build their own!

The couple knew they wanted a modern home design, complete with lots of open space and a beautiful view. They purchased a 1000 square metre block with rural views.

“It feels like we are on acreage without all the maintenance,” Veronica said.

The opportunity to build their own forever home was one Veronica and Mark could not pass up. It was an exciting but stressful time for the couple as Veronica was pregnant with their twin girls at the time!

Choosing a modern home design

After building so many homes, Mark and Veronica had an idea or two when it came time to design their floor plan. Veronica knew she wanted a crisp, modern home design with plenty of space and minimal colours.

“My true style is very contemporary, and I would even say a little minimalistic,” Veronica said.

“I am all about black, white and grey and as you can see – that’s basically the only colours I have used throughout my home!”

Photo taken by: the palm co.

Veronica wanted clean lines and minimal clutter in the family’s home. This is why she chose Hume Doors to create beautiful storage areas, perfect for this particular design!

Completing the look with Hume Doors

After Veronica and Mark had planned their modern home design, it was time to choose the interior and exterior doors. For the couple, Hume was the perfect choice since they were already familiar with us. We’re the preferred supplier for King Homes NSW!

“Hume Doors has a great selection to choose from, which will suit any type of home. And, for our modern home, we found that Hume products were not only high quality, but also met the style brief,” Veronica said.

For their interior doors, they chose flush panel doors to suit their modern home design. These doors also helped create minimalistic-looking storage spaces, removing clutter from the home.

For their statement front door, they also used a flush panel door with a custom-designed handle. 

“The doors were ordered through our builder and were delivered promptly on site. They are fantastic quality and you can feel how sturdy they are,” Veronica said.

For the laundry, they chose a Venetian door, with the built-in blind allowing sun to fill the laundry.

A worthwhile journey

Creating and building Veronica and Mark’s modern home was no easy task. The intricate details took months to perfect, but in the end, it was worth it.

“Every site visit had tears. Either happy tears, anxious tears or nervous tears, but we got there in the end and moved in the day before our twin girls arrived!”

After spending under a year building the home, Mark and Veronica couldn’t be happier with their design and style choices. Veronica loved Hume’s products and continues to recommend them to her Instagram followers.

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