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Newington the perfect choice for MODEL alpha home

Here at Hume Doors, we’re all about customer satisfaction. We want you to walk away satisfied and with a product you know will suit your needs. That’s why we were so happy to hear from Matthew Bradley.

Matt works for eutopia, an innovative design and building company that services Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions. The homes he creates are always luxurious and contemporary, yet very affordable.

A standout is the MODEL alpha, a home he spent “quite some time selecting the right door to fit the homes architectural language but also the practically of street surveillance and additional natural lighting.” We’re proud he picked Hume Doors and think he’s made the perfect choice!

The MODEL alpha is a large open-plan home yet small in footprint which means less expensive land. It aims to be compact and economic, whilst not compromising on style.

To achieve this space-saving goal, the clever design eliminates nearly all wasted hallway space with over 94% internal space efficiency. On average, the MODEL alpha utilises between 5.5% and 6.4% more internal space than a similar two storey home. As a result, the front door leads straight into the living area and because of this, Matt needed to consider a product that would ensure the home’s privacy.

eutopia are all about thinking outside the box, so it’s no surprise Matt wanted a smarter product that would work for him. Not only did he require privacy and security from his front door, but it needed to be a product to enhance the home’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Since the living room is open and small, a little natural light would go a long way, so he needed a door with some element of glass. He also wanted it to be modern and in keeping with the home’s architectural language.

He decided on a product from our Newington hinged door range. This solid core option ensured privacy and sound insulation, no matter the individual design specifications. The vertical glass panel featured in the XN1 had several glazing options, allowing for as much privacy as Matt wanted. The door’s vertical lines complemented the vertical lines of the home and tied the whole design together.

Matt also decided on the Hume XF3 door from our Glass Opening Range for the garage. This allows ample natural light to flood the garage space without the need to turn lights on during the day. The window also allows for visual checking so people won’t open doors into each other when hanging out the washing.

We are impressed with the overall home and think Matt has made some great decisions in putting this home together.

“Hume Doors provides a large range of door style options to suit the varying taste people have when it comes to design,” Matt said.

Visit our website to check out some of these designs.