Pick the right door to make your pantry functional AND stylish

A pantry is an essential component of any kitchen. Like the fridge and kitchen sink, it is an element we’ve come to expect. In many cases pantry doors tend to match the rest of the kitchen cupboard doors. But what if we looked at the pantry from a design point of view? If we considered pantry doors beyond their functionality? If you have the space to do so, highlighting your pantry door as a feature – instead of blending them in to the rest of your kitchen – could add some depth and creativity to your kitchen area.

Here are a few simple steps to ensure your pantry can be functional and useful, whilst ensuring it doesn’t compromise on style!

  1. Pick a pantry door that goes with the room.

    This is easiest when building a home or doing a kitchen renovation, because the theme and style of the room should be decided on in the preliminary stages of planning. Starting afresh is the easiest way to pick the right pantry. For example, if you decide on a traditional, classic style for your home, it wouldn’t make sense to use an Evolution Premium Floor to Ceiling Cavity Unit. This modern-look product would be attention-grabbing and a stunning feature, but it wouldn’t suit the overall tone of the room. The Evolution Cavity matched with the simplicity of a Moulded Panel or Sorrento door would be much more fitting with a traditional-style kitchen.

  2. Use the space you have and use it well.

    The pantry is one of the main storage components of the kitchen. It’s entitled to take up a significant portion of the area! However, if you have a smaller space, or an area that is already mostly occupied by the fridge/countertop etc., you need to ensure your pantry doesn’t cramp the room even further. For example, a Bifold or Multifold might be a small kitchen’s best option. The cupboard opens by folding onto itself, so there’s no unnecessary swing-room taking up valuable floor space.

  3. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with colour.

    As long as it doesn’t obstruct the kitchen’s theme, a statement pantry door can be a great idea! Scatter the statement colour throughout the room and the door can even act as the equivalent to a feature wall, tying it all together. For example, a product from the Hampton range, painted a coral colour, would be perfect for a beachy holiday home. In the same regard, a traditional earthy tone could be very fitting in a classically styled cottage. In your bedroom, your feature wall makes a statement – so in your kitchen, it makes sense to have a feature door that does the same.

  4. Find a balance between functionality and style.

    It’s all well and good to have a practical pantry that does the job. But this shouldn’t come at the price of style. And vice versa, a beautiful door is only as good as its ability to fulfil its purpose. Like all features of a build or renovation, this is an aspect that takes some consideration. If the style you love isn’t available with the level of practicality you desire, consider alternatives. If the door is on theme but not big enough, consider double doors. Or you could try reaching out to one of our distributors to see if that product can be customised. If the perfect door for the job isn’t offered in the right colours, talk to a staff member and they’ll help you solve the problem. We want your kitchen to be perfect, so don’t settle for anything less!

There’s a variety of ways to ensure you’ve chosen the right pantry doors, but at the end of the day we just want you to be happy with the products you’ve picked. We try to meet every variety of taste with out extensive range of functional and practical doors. Check them out on our website today!