Seven things to consider before you choose your front door design

Are you planning a renovation or build and are completely lost on what front door design to choose? Overwhelmed by your choices or simply have no idea where to start?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

A front door is the first thing a visitor sees of your home, so you want it to be memorable! You also want it to be strong, secure and protected from harsh weather conditions.

So, before you choose your front door design here are seven things you need to consider.

1. Appearance

While appearance may seem like an obvious thing when choosing a front door, we could not leave it out!

Your front door should match the design and style of your house, creating a significant first impression. An old, worn, cracked or discoloured door will immediately date your entrance and decrease your home’s curb appeal.

 We have developed a wide range of door designs that complement any home. From a coastal beach vibe to a country chic look, we have a door for your home dream.

View our full range here.

2. Lighting

Would you love a bit of extra light in your home? Choose an entrance door with glass panels!

Privacy or natural light? This is no issue, as we have you covered with an extensive range of opaque glass types. Translucent laminate, Frost, Grey Tint, or glass with a coloured design are all different options for your front door.

You will be surprised by how much the interior of your home can change with a bit of extra light.

3. Door hardware

While your front door design is important, you also need to make sure the hardware suits your home too! Door hardware like handles, knobs and locks can change the look of an entrance door instantly.

You also want to ensure you choose the right hardware which will lock your doors safely. Read more about choosing your door hardware on our blog with Naomi Findlay here.

4. Face material

Your door’s face material is how it looks before any topcoats of paint or varnish are added.

A large variety of our doors are offered with different skin options. You can decide if you want a front door with DuraXP skin to paint or a natural timber veneer like SPM, Tassie Oak, Merbau or Blackbutt to varnish.

What a great benefit to have when choosing your door. You can maintain the beautiful and natural timber look or get creative and add a pop of colour to your front door.

5. Safety

Aside from wanting a safe and strong door that will withstand harsh weather, you should also consider the bushfire rating of your door.

Most of our Entrance doors meet BAL12.5 standards, also known as Bushfire Attack Level standards. BAL12.5 means our doors can withstand an ember attack from a fire.

Learn more about our standards including BAL19, BAL29 and BAL40 in our blog here.

6. Durability

Like any part of your home, a front door is a long-term investment. You don’t want a door that is going to wear, tear and break down quickly.

That’s why durability is something you should always consider when choosing a front door design. Durability comes from a combination of the quality of the door, having the right door in the right situation and the care from the owner.

By choosing the right door suited to your home and maintaining proper care, your door will remain durable. You can find out how to properly care for your doors in our blog.

7. Local vs. International products

As an Australian owned company, all our products are designed and manufactured to suit the Australian market and climate. By purchasing from our Australian company, you are:

  • supporting the Australian economy;
  • guaranteed better lead times and lower delivery costs
  • assisting in Australia’s COVID-19 economic recovery
  • and guaranteed improved customisation and customer service

Learn more about our Australian owned and operated business here.

Choosing your front door design is so much more than how it looks on the outside. You can find the perfect front door for your home on our website.

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