Solicore, honeycomb core or solid door?

Here at Hume Doors & Timber, we understand every customer is different. Homes are all unique and the doors picked are suited to the personal wants and needs of each customer.

But sometimes, all the room or entryway needs is a fully flush door. No bells and whistles, just a simple door with no design and a handle.

Even though it’s a simple concept, we still have a range of flush doors in differing sizes, materials, widths and heights. Read on to find out some of the key features.


Solicore doors are designed to minimise noise, while still remaining functional. These products have a particle board core which not only absorbs sound, but is also highly moisture resistant. Solicore doors are a great option for homes in any area, but are also a perfect fit for commercial applications such as schools and hospitals. Our Solicore doors have a range of face material options including Primecoat MDF, Tempered Hardboard, A’bond Paint Ply, SPM or Tassie Oak.


Our honeycomb core flush doors are manufactured with a high density cellular core. This ensures the door is structurally stable while remaining a light weight and functional option for your home. This cost effective option is incredibly versatile, available in bi-fold and multi-fold options, as well as being made to order in a vast range of sizes. When it comes to selecting the face material you have the internal options of commercial primecoat, light commercial primecoat, primecoat MDF or SPM, whilst the external doors are available in Tempered Hardboard, A’Bond Paint Ply or SPM.


Solid core is the other option in our unique flush range. This product is as it sounds, solid on the inside, filled with a pine blockboard core. The solid blockboard material means it can be cut to any size – making it a fantastic solution for those tricky, uneven doorways. It is available in Tempered Hardboard, A’bond Paint Ply or SPM.  While versatile, the blockboard core is not recommended for a high gloss finish due to potential core show-through.

Whether it’s the solicore, honeycomb core or solid core option that most appeals to you, we know you’ll be satisfied in knowing your flush product will meet your needs. We offer this variety of options to ensure every customer can find the perfect product. Find out more about our flush range here.


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