Door stain

How to pick the right colour stain for your front door

There are different ways to make a statement with your front door and staining is a popular choice because it also protects and preserves the beauty of your timber door. A stain will soak into the timber – instead of covering it – providing a longer lasting result.

When choosing the right stain for your front door there are some factors you need to consider.

Pick the right stain

Timber varies depending on what type of tree it is made from. Timbers absorb the stain colour in different ways, and therefore may produce a different colour from what you expected.

It’s a good idea to test the stain first (in an unnoticeable spot of the door) to make sure that the colour of the stain and the natural colour of the wood produces the effect you’re after.

Check your exterior

Some features of your house might have already established colours, such as your roof. Think about the colour of your homes’ exterior when choosing the stain for your front door. It doesn’t necessarily have to match but should work well together.

 UV exposure and staining

Consider how exposed to the elements the door is. Is it set back under a porch or installed on the face of the building? The more pigmented the stain, the better it will protect the surface of the door from UV degradation.

Consider the design of your home

The style and the details of the interior of your home will mostly influence the colour of your door. Whether it is a history-inspired design or has modern architectural influences, the door of your house should complement the overall build of your home. Think about the colours and designs of your walls, floors, furniture and other accents in your home and use them for inspiration.

This is called a colour matching strategy. Keep in mind that you should choose colours that are balanced with each other, not pick a certain colour which is necessarily the same as everything else. You want to harmonise the overall feature of your house to give you and your visitors a consistent ambiance whether you’re inside the house or you’re about to leave.

Observe your neighbour’s house

There are two ways observing your neighbour’s house can help you choose your stain colour. Firstly, you can choose to complement the colours of your neighbour’s door, but not to the point that you are completely copying it! Or you can choose to stand out, but without clashing. Make sure your house won’t look out of place with other houses nearby.

If you don’t have any houses nearby, you can always choose the stain for your door that would match the environment around you.

As always, be careful when it comes to darker colours as they may void your warranty. Check out this blog to learn more.

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