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Reno expert, Naomi Findlay, has had plenty of experience with doors throughout her MANY renovations, including how best to look after them. And she has found that it’s not commonly known that the weather and other environmental factors can affect your doors, so this tip is crucial – regardless of whether a door is placed internally or externally, all 6 surfaces of the door MUST be sealed prior to being painted. Sealing is important!

Why seal your doors?

Things such as moisture, severe weather, and any changes in environmental conditions can affect the structural integrity of your door (and this is something you don’t want).

If you happened to paint a door without first sealing or undercoating all surfaces of it, there are several possible negative results. These include cracking, warping, or even rotting. Which is a waste of your time, money and effort.

In addition to preventing undesirable outcomes, sealing your door contributes to its longevity. Sealing a door means the paint or stain is held better, which in turn helps it look better for longer (that’s a big win for you!).

Ongoing care

Something else to note is that door care isn’t just a one-off occurrence. Doors need to be maintained and inspected regularly to ensure their long-term performance.

Think of doors like a vehicle. You take your car to the mechanic for regular servicing and systems checks. Why wouldn’t you have the same level of care for your door?

If you notice any form of deterioration of your door, you must take immediate action. Whether it involves resealing, repainting or cleaning.

Treat your door kindly when you clean it as well! Make sure to use a soft cloth, and no harsh chemicals or solvents.

Your doors protect you, so make sure that you protect your doors.

Remember, “every surface of every new door needs attention”.

Thanks to Naomi for this great tip! You can learn more about The Reno Show here.

Quick tip: sealing your doors

When you get a new door, it's so important to make sure you correctly seal it – no matter if it's an internal or external door!Don't take our word for it? Listen to this quick tip from reno expert, Naomi Findlay, to learn more!Or check out our blog 👇 #QuickTip

Posted by Hume Doors & Timber on Sunday, 2 February 2020