Three Key Considerations For Your Home Renovation: Guest Blog

You have floorboards under your feet, a roof over your head and paint on the walls; your new build is beginning to look like a home. There is a light at the end of the tunnel…wait, shouldn’t we have put a door there?!

We have our fingers and toes crossed that this is not an experience you will have, after reading this article. Planning for your doors during the design phase is like icing on a cake, or wine on a Friday evening – it is important.  Be sure to give your door selection the much-needed consideration it deserves to ensure a perfect finish to your home renovation.

On that note, here are our top three key considerations when it comes to doors in your home renovation:


Choose the right team

Let’s start from the very beginning (a very good place to start).

The better your communication is with your design team, the better your renovation will be; yes, it is that simple. Talking with your design team about all aspects of the build from the beginning will result in a more seamless and pleasurable renovation experience.

While we can understand that picking your doors before you even have a floor can be difficult, it is essential. But you don’t have to do it alone! Let us first point out that this is not a paid post or partnership – we just simply love the team at Hume Doors!

Doors are such an important element in your home; they have the ability to provide space, privacy and security all at the same time, and can even stand as a feature or wow factor. We recommend choosing a supplier who is versatile and can explore several options with you. Doors are incredibly versatile themselves and can have a major influence on heat, light, tone and even the energy in your new home. At AAG Constructions we recommend Hume doors for unique and beautiful solutions.

TOP TIP: Make sure that your builder not only has a strong network of recommended services and tradespeople which s/he can recommend to you, but make sure that they work well with other trades and are well respected by the same. Google reviews and testimonials are an excellent way to gauge the professionalism and quality of a service or product.


Consider your style and design

Open plan living is becoming more and more popular; featuring large open living spaces and seamless indoor/outdoor living. If this is something which appeals to you, it is important to consider the functionality of open plan living as well. While the feel of open plan living can be appealing, consider whether this is going to function well with the needs of your family.

It is one thing to have an open living and dining space which flows in to an outdoor courtyard area or verandah with no obstructive doors…but what happens when the kids are watching TV and you are having friends over for dinner, or your wife has the heating on full blast in the living room but you are sweating over the oven in the kitchen cooking dinner?

Your project manager or designer can help you to explore your options, but we also highly recommend including your door supplier in this conversation. Hume can offer creative solutions to open plan living; after all they are the experts in the field. Including the Hume team from the design phase can not only open-up unique possibilities and solutions but can also ensure that the design of your home is nothing short of perfection.

TOP TIP: French Glass and bifold doors can be a great way to create that lovely seamless indoor/outdoor feeling, while also providing you the option of keeping those cold winter nights out. While most minor internal changes (that don’t impact the structure of your home) do not require council approval, it is always good to check with your local council just in case!


Choose the material carefully

Once you have decided on the location, space and size requirements of your doors, considering the material of your door is our final key recommendation. The material of your door is important because it will have an impact on:

  • How much heat is retained/lost in the space
  • The level of sound which will travel through the door into the next room
  • The security and privacy of your home as a whole and individual rooms

Selecting a single door company to meet all your needs while providing a variety of materials and designs can be difficult, but not for the team at Hume!

We always encourage our clients to be open with your design team about what are the most important aspects of the doors for you. Is it the way they function or the way they look? And yes, you can find a door that is functional and beautiful! It is important to consider your design style and how your chosen door will fit in with the overall feel of your home. If you struggle with design, if you are finding it difficult to identify your style or you are considering engaging an architect to help with the initial design of your project, be sure to check out our blog on “Why Hire an Architect” to explore the benefits of having an architecturally designed project.

TOP TIP: You will also want to consider if your doors will match the other materials in your home, particularly your flooring; i.e. are timber doors going to match your timber floorboards or would a polished concrete floor compliment your door selection best. Make sure you feel confident with your design team’s ability to address all these things and guide you to a seamlessly designed home.


The Author:

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