Why use a Pivot Door system?

The latest trend in home design is the statement front door. Homeowners are choosing something large, grand and different to their neighbours. This is where the pivot door system comes in.

Traditional doors are hung on a door frame with hinges, but our Pivot Doors rotate on a pivot box specifically designed with these larger doors in mind.

If you’ve just started building a house or you’re planning to renovate, here’s why you could consider a Pivot System.

Pivot Doors beautify your house.

Pivot Doors give the front view of your house or room a beautiful unique look. People are amazed by the structure of the Pivot Doors! It gives a modern style to the overall quality of your house. You can choose to keep the door open to show off the space you have inside, or you can have the Pivot Doors look like part of the wall.

Pivot Doors are strong, stable and convenient.

The frame is designed to support the heavier weight of the door. There is no need to reinforce the frame of the door since the door is supported by a pivot point on the floor and another pivot at the top. A Pivot System is also good for large glass doors, as it comes complete with a high quality concealed self-closing mechanism.

Pivot Doors are larger than regular doors.

This gives you a stunning entrance to the room. You have the freedom to customise Pivot Doors to create your impressive entry. Larger openings are also good for busy families or people with mobility challenges.

Hume Pivot Frames

Our assembled entry frame incorporates a heavy-duty pivot with quality fittings that allow the door to be adjusted during installation. It incorporates a hydraulic closer for progressive controlled door closing and latching.


Perhaps one of the most appealing things about Hume’s Pivot Doors is the ease of installation. No matter if you’re an experienced DIYer or a novice renovator, the Pivot System can be done by people of all different skill levels. Plus, we even have a video featuring one of our expert handyman, leading you through the installation process step-by-step – check it out below.


If you are trying to optimise space in your house or you simply want a hassle free door, consider a Hume Pivot Door. We provide a heavy duty pivot with quality fittings to make your entrance grand. Visit your closest Hume Door distributor to view our range in person.