Hume How To install smartrobe sliding doors wardrobe

The smart wat to set up your Smartrobe sliding door system

Tools needed

  • Tape Measure
  • Claw Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Phillips Head Screw Driver
  • Cordless Drill
  • Drill Bits
  • Driver Bit
  • Spade Bit
  • Spirit Level
  • Builders Ruler
  • Step Ladder
  • Packers
  • Assorted Screws
  • Assorted Nails
  • Pencil
  • Ear, Eye & Dust Protection

Fittings supplied with smartrobe sliding doors system

  • Door Guides
  • Guide Screws
  • Track Screws
  • Pre-cut flat jamb for the sides
  • Pre-cut flat jamb for the head and sill
  • Top Track
  • Bottom Track
  • Smartrobe doors with wheels factory fitted
  • Installation Guide

1: Measure your opening

To start measure the opening, do so in multiple places to ensure correct height and width. Refer to our website for Smartrobe opening sizes

Use these measurements to purchase your new Hume door. Try our "Virtual Showroom" it is a great tool to help assist with your selection process.

2. Assemble pre-cut flat jamb

Place your pre-cut flat jamb in a position to assemble. Ensure the flat jamb is slightly smaller then the opening

3. Fix jamb with screws

Using a cordless drill, pre drill pilot holes. This will help during the assembly, now insert screws to fix the frame together.

4. Fix all four corners of the jamb

Repeat step 3 for all four corners.

5. Postion flat jamb in opening

Place the assembled flat jamb in the opening.

6. Check the jamb is level on both sides

Check the jamb is level, pack behind the jamb more or less packing maybe required to set the jamb square.

7. Check that the sill is level

Check that the sill is level & pack under the sill if required.

8. Fix jamb to opening

Once jamb is leveled, fix off using a claw hammer and nails.

9. Place bottom track

Now carefully place the bottom track in the opening, ensure the track is the correct way up with the overhanging lip facing into the room.

10. Fix bottom track in place

Pre drill pilot holes through the track holes provided ,then screw into place

Repeat this process over the entire length of the track.

11. Place the top track

Carefully place the top track in the opening and pre drill pilot holes through the track holes provided. Then screw into place.

Repeat this process over the entire length of the track

12. Seal your doors

It’s important to seal your smartrobe doors top and bottom as you won’t be able to access this once installed. Ensure it has a good coating and follow the manufactures instructions.

13. Attach sliding door guides

Now attach the guides to the top of the door, measure 50mm from the edge, using the guide drill & insert screws.

Repeat this step for the all doors with 2 guides needed for each smartrobe door.

14. Place the rear door/doors

Place the door in the opening. Be careful as some doors are heavy so you may require some assistance.

First lift door into top track.

Then lower btoom of door into bottom track. Be sure to have the rear door/doors placed in rear track first.

15. Place front door/doors

Now place your front sliding door in front track.

First lift top of door into front track of top track

Then lower the bottom of door into front track of bottom track.

16. Check door operations

Check that the doors operate smoothly and closes plumb against the jamb.

17. Adjusting door to sit plumb against closing jamb

Adjustments maybe required if the door does not sit plumb, using a Phillips head screw driver adjust the wheels.

Adjusting the wheels up or down will ensure that the door closes plumb against the jamb. (Refer to the our How To video above at 4:15)

18. Fit architraves.

19. Attach your chosen door handles

Measure and mark out for flush pull handles, when using hollowcore doors ensure that you are in the lock block area.

Final check

Check your door operates correctly and revisit any of the steps if required.