Unleashing the raw beauty of the Industrial Home Style

From the gritty factories of old to the sleek modern homes of today, the Industrial home style has taken the world by storm. And now, in 2023, it’s a major trend that’s here to stay.

If you’re looking to create that cool New York loft style look with a contemporary feel, using exposed structures, straight lines, and raw natural materials, this is the style for you.

Wondering how to incorporate the industrial style into your home? This blog will help you explore Hume Doors and Timber’s vast range of industrial products.

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What is industrial style?

The industrial home style is an interior design trend inspired by the raw, utilitarian aesthetic of abandoned warehouses and industrial spaces that were converted into urban living in the 1970s. The industrial concept embraces old structures of the building, such as open floor plans and large windows, highlighting the beauty of exposed features and raw materials.

The industrial style has undoubtedly evolved over time, but some of its most recognisable features remain the same. We’re still seeing stripped-back architecture, weathered-looking surfaces, raw elements, and exposed bricks, but now these traits have been softened with sleek, modern elements to create a fresh and contemporary feel.

Think exposed pipes and beams mixed with polished metals. Envision concrete walls softened with plush textiles and rustic timber accents, paired with high-tech lighting.

The industrial style is unique in its use of raw materials, emphasis on functionality, and its focus on creating a space that is both practical and visually interesting.

It is a style that celebrates beauty in simplicity and the functionality of everyday objects and materials. All of this combines to create a minimalistic yet homely feel.

Using the industrial style in renovations and new builds

Whether you’re renovating or building a new home, the industrial style offers a versatile and timeless look that can elevate any property. 

If you’re building a new home, consider incorporating industrial features into your façade, such as exposed structural elements, cement render and a moody colour palette. Internally, consider adding large windows, open floor plans, and exposed brick walls to your design.

For renovations, think about highlighting features of your home that would typically be hidden, like roof beams and exposed pipes, adding in elements of industrial style like metal handles and clever storage solutions, or creating an industrial vibe with a neutral and moody colour palette.

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Key features of the industrial home style

Industrial style may have its roots in old factories and warehouses in major cities like New York and London, but you don’t need to live in one of these cities to achieve the look in your own home.

By incorporating some key design elements, you can add that industrial feel to any space.

The most common features are:

  • Metal Accents: adding touches of metal is a great way to give your home an industrial edge. This can be achieved by using metal light fixtures, doors, cupboard handles, steel framed windows, and heavy metal tracks, which can be found on our Frontier Barn Doors.
  • Exposed Pipes and Roofbeams – Instead of hiding these architectural details, try using them as a focal point in your home. Highlight them with lighting or paint them to make them stand out.
  • Rustic Building Materials – Incorporating timber elements is a great way to add warmth and texture to an industrially styled space. Choose timber veneer doors such as our Savoy, and Linear Doors, or try using our meranti skirting and architrave to help achieve this look.
  • Concrete – Fibre cement is a popular choice for industrial style architecture, providing a concrete look that can be painted or for some products, used as a base for texture coating systems. Use Prima Fibre Cement for exterior cladding to help create an industrial style façade, or for interior wall panelling for an exposed concrete look.
  • Clever Storage Solutions -When it comes to storage in an industrial-style home, it’s all about finding clever solutions that make the most of your space. Our Smartrobe Sliding System offers customisable storage solutions that can be tailored to your needs. Choosing industrial style doors for your Smartrobe from our internal range will help tie the look together.
  • Feature Brick Walls – Exposed brick walls fit in perfectly with the industrial style. Keep your brick walls natural or paint them white for a modern spin on this industrial feature. If you don’t have any exposed brick walls in your home, don’t worry, you can create the same look with wallpaper or other materials.  
  • Recycled Furniture -One of the best things about the industrial trend, is that it embraces imperfection and age. Second-hand furniture stores are a great place to find unique pieces that fit perfectly into an industrial style home.

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Industrial-style Hume doors

If you’re looking to add some industrial style charm to your home, don’t forget to consider your doors!

From timber finishes to sleek modern designs, and even doors with large glass panels and metal accents, we have a wide range of doors that will perfectly complement the industrial style.

Our easy-to-use catalogue includes a style guide at the front, so you can browse with ease! To find the perfect doors for your industrial-inspired space, look under the door range name for the I icon.

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The industrial home style is a design trend that continues to inspire builders, homeowners and interior designers alike. With its emphasis on raw materials, stripped back architecture and functionality, it offers a unique way to create a space that is both beautiful and practical.

Whether you want to go all-in with a complete New York Loft style or just add a few industrial elements to your existing décor, the industrial style is a great way to bring some personality and character to your home.

Download our product catalogue to find the products that will help you create your own industrial style space.