Modern home design uses Hume Doors

Veronica, who runs the @builderswife Instagram page, wowed us with her use of Hume Doors in her modern home.

Hume Doors help create beautiful minimalist home

The beautiful monochromatic design of @housetwentyfive’s minimalist home drew the eye of our Hume Doors team from the moment they tagged us on Instagram. The home’s clean lines, modern features and creative use of our doors left us wanting to know more! More than just a home Sara and husband, Ben, chose to build with […]

Natural timber door brings rustic style to life

When we saw Instagram user @georgie_watson’s gorgeous natural timber door, we knew we wanted to learn more about her build. Georgie kindly spoke to us about her renovation and spilled the details on why she chose Hume Doors! Small Home, BIG Renovation After owning their home for just over two and a half years, Georgie […]