Natural timber door brings rustic style to life

When we saw Instagram user @georgie_watson’s gorgeous natural timber door, we knew we wanted to learn more about her build. Georgie kindly spoke to us about her renovation and spilled the details on why she chose Hume Doors!

Small Home, BIG Renovation

After owning their home for just over two and a half years, Georgie and her partner decided to renovate. Georgie says the house is quite small, so they decided to give it a makeover, allowing it to be more practical and stylish.

“We wanted to retain the original bones of the home while adding our bits and pieces. Making the house feel a lot bigger was important too,” said Georgie. “Half of the house had been semi-renovated, but not to our taste.”

It’s clear from the natural timber door that Georgie had a specific, rustic feel that she wanted to flow throughout the house.

The renovation began in their lounge room and hallways, where they replaced the skirting boards and architraves. Georgie and her partner then decided to remove the dodo rails as it was making the house seem small – smaller than it already was!

When renovating the inside, Georgie wanted to maintain the house’s heritage but add a little individual flair. “We were hoping to follow the classic style of the home but with a more natural and raw theme,” Georgie said.

Picking Hume Doors was an easy choice

After most of the inside of the house was renovated, they were ready to replace their entrance door. The old door was white with two glass panels and a black security screen. While it had served its purpose, it simply didn’t suit the style and practicality Georgie was looking for.

“We wanted to bring more light in and maintain the original symmetry which is why we chose this Hume product,” said Georgie. “We tossed up whether or not we were going to paint the door, but after a few weeks leaving it as is, we fell in love with the natural timber. The natural beauty shouldn’t be covered up.”

When it came to choosing the style of the door, Georgie and her partner sourced their local Hume Doors supplier, JH Williams, near their home in Casino.

“They provided us with a brochure and explained that the doors can be pre-hung with an entry frame. We wanted something that was quick and easy to install, we didn’t want to have to make the jamb and tread because we were time-poor,” said Georgie.

“It’s so great that Hume offers different doors for varying levels of renovation experience.”

Georgie and her partner chose the JST6 Door from our Joinery Entrance Range. “We loved that you could pick the different glass that went in the door. Choosing a ‘translucent’ style provided us with enough privacy, without blocking the sunlight,” Georgie said.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

The couple installed a custom glass panel above, and finished with a clear waterproof varnish. It didn’t change the colour of the timber and maintained the rustic theme they were looking for. For a natural timber door, it’s always important to coat in varnish to protect from harsh weather and unpredictable conditions.

Georgie was excited by the easy installation and said it was achievable for all DIYers. “The whole process of installing the new door was complete within a matter of hours! We were so impressed with how easy it was to do. Highly recommend this to renovators who aren’t confident hanging new doors.” ­

Continuing the rustic look

Georgie’s choice to use a natural timber door for her home’s entrance helped create the natural, rustic theme she wanted to achieve. She and her partner still have more areas of the house to renovate and will look to maintain their theme with more timber elements.

“We regularly change our mind on what we are going to do outside,” said Georgie. “At the moment the outdoor entertaining area is stencil-crete cement with a covered roof. It’s a great space however not very consistent with our style. I envision raising the roof and building a timber deck with alfresco style timber doors.”

To keep up to date with Georgie’s ongoing renovation visit her Instagram here.

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