How to pick the right colour stain for your front door

There are different ways to make a statement with your front door and staining is a popular choice because it also protects and preserves the beauty of your timber door. Stains soak into the timber – instead of covering it – providing a longer lasting result. When choosing the right stain for your front door […]

Hume joins the latest innovation in home renovation

Hume Doors & Timber is excited to be a partner in the new, smarter way to renovate your home. The Rapid Reno Mate App is the ultimate renovator’s companion providing inspiration and motivation for your home improvement projects, all in the palm of your hand! With its sophisticated budget calculator, project manager and free resource […]

Hume Doors can make Better Homes (& Gardens)

When Channel Seven reached out to us and asked us to be part of the Better Homes & Gardens “BIG makeover” we jumped at the chance to provide some of our doors. CLICK HERE to watch the episode. The young family who received the makeover are well deserving of it. The new mum has recently […]