Hume Doors can make Better Homes (& Gardens)

When Channel Seven reached out to us and asked us to be part of the Better Homes & Gardens “BIG makeover” we jumped at the chance to provide some of our doors.

CLICK HERE to watch the episode.

The young family who received the makeover are well deserving of it. The new mum has recently started a recycled clothing business to support her loved ones. However, her collection of stock for the small business had begun to take over the home. The team decided to revamp her old garage into practical space for her to display and sell her wares, with a new pergola connected and a beautiful garden makeover to bring the whole look together.

The renovation took place in Better Homes & Gardens’ first episode for 2018 – what a way to start the year!

The remodelling featured most of the Better Homes & Gardens team from Tara Dennis to Dr Harry, with the cast all working together to transform an old garage into a studio work space for a very busy mum. With a problematic immune system and two very young children, this space will be a great help, finally allowing her to work from home.

The key to the garage’s functionality is its ability to open out into the backyard. The doors swing right back and tie up, so the studio can be totally exposed to the cool summer breeze, or closed back away from the chilly winter nights.


The design of the doors we provided – the JST10 and JST5 from our Joinery Entrance range – ensures this practicality isn’t compromised. Even when it’s cold enough to have the studio closed off, the feeling of openness remains due to the windows in the doors. This transparency element also ensures mum is able to watch her children play while she works.

And to purchase the products we donated, please check out one of our great distributors.

The makeover was also featured in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine, as you can see below!