What locks what? Choosing the right locks for your doors

Choosing the right locks for your doors is an important decision and will depend on the application. Whether it’s for your residential home or your business, there are two main types of locks used – those for entrance doors (security) and those for internal doors (passage or privacy). Entrance and external doors Security is the […]

Dahlsens and Hume Doors collaborated with a one-of-a-kind competition

Hume Doors and Dalsens

This year Australia’s largest independent hardware retailer, Dahlsens, opened a brand new purpose-built store in Wagga Wagga. In celebration of its opening the team at Dahlsens joined forces with Hume Doors to run a one-of-a-kind competition, giving away a cash prize of $20,000 to a lucky Wagga Wagga builder! In order to qualify for the […]

How to properly maintain and care for your doors

Care for your doors

After all the time and energy you spend picking the right entrance door, it makes sense to protect your investment with regular door maintenance. Like any other piece of fine furniture in your home, a well looked after door can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home and its market value. Paying careful attention to […]