How to create the perfect indoor/outdoor space

Aussies love Summer and soaking up those rays in the warmer months. While we’ve suggested products that let sunlight into your home, you also have the option of literally bringing the outdoors in by blending your inside and outside spaces. Veranda areas and indoor/outdoor rooms can make a great addition to your home.  They’re the perfect […]

Hume does more than just doors for renovators!

Here at Hume Doors we are mostly known for our wide range of internal and external doors, but we actually offer a lot more! Have you heard about our fibre cement range? For over 20 years we have been proud distributors of PRIMA™ fibre cement cladding, lining and flooring solutions. PRIMAaqua™ is one of the […]

Why you should consider zoned and open-plan living

When renovating or building your own home, rooms and zoning are a big part of your planning. Will you use zoned living to close off each room and give each space more privacy, or will you opt for open-plan living, bringing multiple rooms together and creating the illusion of more space?   Our range of stylish, […]

Finding the right door for a small space

Cavity Door Systems

7With Australian housing prices continuing to sky-rocket, it’s not surprising more and more of us are ending up with homes or living spaces that have quite small rooms. Whether it’s the small guest room that only fits a single bed, or the combined bathroom/laundry that’s squashed into one tiny area – smaller rooms are common […]

What you need to know about doors when you’re in a bush fire zone

The threat of bush fire is a harsh reality living in Australia. Our hot, dry climate means we can’t take anything for granted and a bush or grass fire can whip up in no time at all. Even homes not directly in the path of a bush fire are at risk of flying embers. Doing […]

New barn door product range adds a touch of homestead class!

Here at Hume, we know everyone has different styles and preferences, which is why we have such an extensive range of door options. We’ve recently added even more and now have our Barn Door range. Whether you’re using raw textures and colours to contrast the warmth of the indoors to the ruggedness of the outdoors, […]

Door jargon – what do these commonly used terms mean?

There’s often a lot of foreign terms and jargon when it comes to building, renovating or even simple door installations. It can often seem frustrating or overwhelming, but don’t worry! This blog will guide you through a glossary of all things doors. Alfresco folding doors Like the bi-fold and multi-fold doors, the Alfresco folding door […]

New family home filled with Hume doors!

The Lipari family is one of our most recent Hume Doors success stories. We were so pleased to see their beautiful photos on Instagram that we just had to reach out to learn more! We chatted with mother and influencer, Ginger Lipari, about her latest build and the number of Hume products it features. “This […]

Have you heard about our Meranti timber range?

There is something special about the look and feel of natural wood. Studies even show that the use of wood in the interior of buildings and homes has clear physiological and psychological benefits that mimic the effect of spending time outside in nature. The feelings of natural warmth and comfort that wood elicits in people […]

Finishing touches can make or break your door

They are one of the most used components of every door, but how much consideration really goes in to choosing your door handles and knobs? It is easy to dismiss these pieces of door hardware as a basic inclusion, but a poorly chosen handle or knob can put a serious dent in your style credibility, […]