Have you heard about our Meranti timber range?

There is something special about the look and feel of natural wood. Studies even show that the use of wood in the interior of buildings and homes has clear physiological and psychological benefits that mimic the effect of spending time outside in nature. The feelings of natural warmth and comfort that wood elicits in people […]

Finishing touches can make or break your door

They are one of the most used components of every door, but how much consideration really goes in to choosing your door handles and knobs? It is easy to dismiss these pieces of door hardware as a basic inclusion, but a poorly chosen handle or knob can put a serious dent in your style credibility, […]

A Hume Doors system for every situation

All Hume door systems have a specific aim and an objective that defines each system. Our range offer the most technologically advanced and accomplished products for your home. Design, layout and functionality come together in each model as it undergoes state-of-the-art testing to ensure the product meets your expectations. So, which products are included in […]

Feature front door – the easy way to increase curb appeal

We’ve all heard the saying “first impressions count”. While it may not always apply to the people we meet, it most certainly rings true when it comes to the front of our homes. ‘Curb appeal’ refers to the visual attractiveness of a house as seen from the street and it’s something a lot of us […]

‘Fibro’ has undergone a modern-day makeover

Let’s be honest – ‘fibro’ clad houses have (understandably) gotten a bad reputation in the past few decades, however the modern fibro provides some great benefits, without the risk from asbestos. Fibro has long been used to cover the exterior of houses, but now is seeing a resurgence in its new form for interiors as […]

Solicore, honeycomb core or solid door?

Here at Hume Doors & Timber, we understand every customer is different. Homes are all unique and the doors picked are suited to the personal wants and needs of each customer. But sometimes, all the room or entryway needs is a fully flush door. No bells and whistles, just a simple door with no design […]

Hume does more than just doors for renovators!

Here at Hume Doors we are mostly known for our wide range of doors and timber products, but we actually offer a lot more! Have you heard about our fibre cement range? For over 20 years we have been proud distributors of PRIMA™ fibre cement cladding, lining and flooring solutions. PRIMAaqua™ is one of the […]

Finding the right door for a small space

Cavity Door Systems

With Australian housing prices continuing to sky-rocket, it’s not surprising more and more of us are ending up with homes or living spaces that have quite small rooms. Whether it’s the small space room that only fits a single bed, or the combined bathroom/laundry that’s squashed into one tiny area – it’s more common than […]

Classic versus Modern doors

There can be a lot to consider when designing elements of your home; practicality, safety, colour schemes. The list goes on! But one big thing that takes a lot of consideration is style – which style is for you? We’re shining some light on the subject and hopefully we can help you decide which style […]

Newington the perfect choice for MODEL alpha home

Eutopia | Hume Doors

Here at Hume Doors, we’re all about customer satisfaction. We want you to walk away satisfied and with a product you know will suit your needs. That’s why we were so happy to hear from Matthew Bradley. Matt works for eutopia, an innovative design and building company that services Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine […]