Build Your Dream Home with PRIMAplank Fibre Cement

Are you looking to build a modern new weatherboard home or update an existing one? We’ve got five inspiring home design possibilities to help you create your weatherboard dream home with PRIMAplank Fibre Cement.

Weatherboard has been a popular exterior cladding used in Australian homes since the 1850s because it was affordable, lightweight, weatherproof, and easy to install.

These homes were traditionally made from timber which often required maintenance. Today with durable PRIMAplank Fibre Cement, you can still get the look of timber, but without the usual upkeep

In our first blog of the Prima series Create Your Dream Home with Prima Fibre Cement, we touched on PRIMA and its many benefits.

Now, let’s find out more about PRIMAplank Fibre Cement and how it can be used to create some of the most beautiful weatherboard home styles and facades.

What is PRIMAplank Fibre Cement?

PRIMAplank Fibre Cement is a highly durable fibre cement siding board made for external wall cladding, specifically formulated to produce the ‘Natural Timber Look’ weatherboard for a myriad of designs in residential and commercial buildings.

The PRIMAplank weatherboard is a 7.5mm thick board with a flat profile. Available in 230mm and 300mm widths that come in Smooth or Woodgrain finishes.

Durable & Low Maintenance

PRIMAplank Fibre Cement siding board is a perfect substitute for traditional timber weatherboards without all the maintenance hassles. It comes pre-primed and ready to paint and is ideal to use in new home designs, alterations, and additions.

PRIMAplank is an affordable building material compared to the cost of a full brick house of the same size and comes with all the usual cladding benefits. It is strong, durable, fire-resistant with rotting, warping, and termite resistance, and ideally suited for exterior applications in all Australian climates.

PRIMAplank Design Possibilities

PRIMAplank is the perfect wall cladding material to help you create some of the most stunning weatherboard facades trending in Australia right now!

Weatherboard home trends have been on the rise in the past few years, and we can’t seem to get enough of a good Weatherboard home.

Some of these home styles include the Hamptons Home, Modern Coastal, Modern Mixed-Cladding, Traditional Weatherboard, and the Cosy Country Cottage.

Let’s find out more about these home styles.


The Australian Hamptons style home is inspired by the beautiful coastal homes in the USA known as ‘The Hamptons’. This home style is luxurious, highly detailed, and the ultimate in sophistication and casual coastal living that fits right into the Aussie way of living.

Key Features


The Modern Coastal design blends the sleek minimalism of modern design with a beachy coastal feel. Incorporating the modern, clean lines with coastal colours, and subtle nod to the beachy, relaxed living.

Key Features

  • Modern Coastal façade features weatherboard exterior cladding, like PRIMAplank smooth finish.
  • Colour palette of soft greys, pale blues, and white on white.
  • Large verandas with sleek and relaxed furnishings, perfect for entertaining family and friends.

Australians love a modern home with clean lines and clever materials. A modern Mixed-Cladding home is all about mixing, matching, and layering different cladding styles to make the façade your own.

Key Features

  • Innovative and eco-friendly materials such as PRIMAplank weatherboard and PRIMAbase Blue Board.
  • The monochromatic or one-colour white palette will give that clean, calming look and modern feel. You can also use greys, earth tones, blues, reds, and blacks.
  • Utilising natural light with large windows and skylights. Bring natural light into the home with our Nexus or Savoy Entrance doors that can be painted or stained for that natural timber look.

A Traditional-Style home embraces a home’s heritage and will include restoration and honouring the history of the home. The style is a mix of classic elements pulled from homes past with modern home design elements. Commonly this style includes symmetrically placed windows, simple rooflines, and highly detailed mouldings.

Key Features

  • Traditional Weatherboard homes feature bolder colours and use a unique mix of architectural features from styles throughout history – get the look, by using PRIMAplank smooth or woodgrain finish.
  • Colour palette includes bolder and more colourful neutral colours with contrasting trims.
  • Our Hume Doors & Timber Regency Entrance range will help complete the look, offering timeless designs with substantial timber mouldings to the exterior face.
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The Cosy Country Cottage is the perfect combination of weatherboard cladding, inviting entryways, small porches, and cosy interiors with a cute and cosy outlook. It’s easy to see why this home is so appealing.

Key Features

  • A Cosy Country Cottage style façade can use PRIMAplank weatherboards or PRIMAbase Blue Board to create a rendered façade. For a more detailed and interesting façade, use both claddings.
  • Country Cottage usually includes small porches, gable roofs, and bay windows in a one-story home.
  • Classic white colours are perfect for the interior and exterior, as are Natural Tones like brown or beige if you want to blend in with the surroundings.

With PRIMA Fibre Cement the design possibilities are endless…

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