Flexible Home Building Solutions with PRIMAflex Fibre Cement

If you’ve been dreaming of a new home or makeover, you can now make your dream home a reality with our innovative PRIMAflex Fibre Cement building material.

The long-lasting and versatile fiber cement is perfect for cladding, eaves, and ceiling lining and can also help create some impressive interior and exterior home designs and features.

Let’s find out more about PRIMAflex Fibre Cement and all the design possibilities!

What is PRIMAflex Fibre Cement?

PRIMAflex is an eco-friendly, smooth, and flat fibre cement board that comes in various sizes and thicknesses.

It is a paint-ready product specifically designed for interior and exterior applications in residential and medium-density homes for building, repairs, or renovations.

Benefits of Building with PRIMAflex

PRIMAflex Fibre Cement boards are an excellent material to use for the interior and exterior of your home. It is strong, durable, easy to install, weather-resistant, and ideally suited for all Australian climates.

The cost-effective boards can cover various design solutions for any home.


PRIMAflex Fibre Cement is not only a flexible board but is flexible in exterior home design. It is the perfect home building solution for common uses such as Eave Lining and Cladding and can also help create stunning dream home facades and features.

Take a look at some exterior home design possibilities using PRIMAflex.

Hamptons Home by Oak & Orange | Photography: the palm co.

PRIMAflex is a versatile product that can help create a wide range of architectural styles and features, from classic and traditional homes to modern and contemporary homes.

Such as the stunning Board and Batten Siding feature, as pictured above in the Oak & Orange Hamptons home Gable End, and over the garage space.

This is a popular feature in homes such as the Hamptons and coastal homes, small cottages, farmhouse homes, and even barn-style homes. 

But the possibilities don’t end there. If you’re after the modern and contemporary look, PRIMAFlex sleek and clean panels can make any new home stand out.

Cosy country cottage by Oak & Orange | Photography: the palm co.

Weather and water-resistant PRIMAflex Fibre Cement is the perfect product for lining external ceilings, porches, and balconies, as well as eave and soffit lining in residential and medium-density homes.


PRIMAflex Fibre Cement Boards are also a fantastic product to use for the interior of your home and an excellent alternative to plasterboard.

Australian Interior Designer and Renovator Naomi Findlay used the Flex Boards to transform her gorgeous holiday farmhouse cottage at Waukivory Estate.

The home’s interior features PRIMAflex on the walls and ceilings using joining strips, to create this beautiful lounge and dining space that perfectly captures the relaxed country chic vibe.

With new interior design trends moving towards moulded feature walls, it’s time to get creative with PRIMAflex Fibre Cement.

Why not make a statement within your home with the Board and Batton-style feature wall? With PRIMAFlex Boards, you can easily create an on-trend wall for that timeless and modern look.

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