Donation to ‘Tiny Homes’ makes a big difference

Here at Hume Doors and Timber we know the importance of giving back to communities we work within. Which is why we joined forces with Tiny Homes Foundation in a recent project.

Tiny Homes Foundation is a not-for-profit that focuses on environmentally and economically sustainable housing solutions for those facing homelessness.

Once we’d heard about such a worthwhile cause, we had to get involved!

In their most recent build, Hume donated a pair of large double doors from our  Joinery Entrance range, said to be “key to (the home’s) design as they instantly open up the home.”

This product was a suitable choice because it’s simple and contemporary. It is in keeping with the humble theme of the home and its clear glaze allows the room to be filled with natural light.

We are proud to have been a part of this project and are we’re excited to see the homes’ new residents move in early April.

Click here to learn more about Tiny Homes Foundation.