Hume Doors help create beautiful minimalist home

The beautiful monochromatic design of @housetwentyfive’s minimalist home drew the eye of our Hume Doors team from the moment they tagged us on Instagram. The home’s clean lines, modern features and creative use of our doors left us wanting to know more!

More than just a home

Sara and husband, Ben, chose to build with McDonald Jones Homes in Sydney in 2018. As a structural landscaper, Ben has been slowly working on the exterior of the home, while Sara focuses on the interiors. Sara works as a physiotherapist, but her passion lies in designing spaces similar to her own home.

“This is more than just a home for me and my husband,” Sara said. “It’s a passion project, something that we both devote a lot of time and effort to.”

Sara and Ben’s home has a clear style and colour palette. But Sara says she often finds it difficult to define her style in a few words.

“I’m drawn to minimalism, clean lines and a monochrome base. I find that that formula is always calming and sophisticated,” Sara said.

Minimalism is fast becoming a popular design choice in homes. It’s usually achieved through clean lines, simple colours and not going overboard with design choices. You can learn more about minimalism in the home here.

Sara dislikes clutter and enjoys having clear, defined spaces. This is why a minimalist home appeals to her so much! Having designs that work toward those spaces, as well as solutions that allow Sara to rearrange as she pleases, is important. Her monochromatic design elements are clear, but she has added a touch of colour here and there.

Choosing the perfect doors

When building the minimalist home, Sara and Ben knew they wanted doors to match the home’s style.

“When McDonald Jones Homes told us they work with Hume Doors, we knew the doors must be high quality. And we weren’t wrong,” Sara said.  

For their front door, the couple chose the Nexus NEX 35 with translucent glazing, as seen in the image below. The door differs from her monochromatic palette, with its raw timber adding a touch of colour to the minimalist home.

“I love adding touches of raw or natural elements so you will often see wood and greenery to soften the monochrome,” Sara said.

The couple kept a consistent theme by using the same internal doors for their bedrooms, wardrobes and linen cupboards. These are the Linear HLR230. These doors are perfect for the monochromatic minimalist home, with clean lines.

Sara and Ben wanted their cinema/bar room to feature a grand entrance. For this, the couple chose Hume’s Joinery Internal LIN1 doors with clear glazing. These doors match the monochromatic theme perfectly, but also make a statement. The couple also chose to use the Joinery LIN1 doors for the pantry, opting for translucent glazing instead.

Love for Hume Doors

Sara said she and Ben would absolutely recommend Hume Doors to others.

“They are such a quality product and we get so many compliments. From guests, to people commenting on our social media platforms, and even people who walk past the house stopping to ask about our front door!” Sara said.

Sara and Ben’s minimalist home is beautifully displayed on @housetwentyfive’s Instagram and Facebook page. Make sure you follow them to keep up to date with their ongoing interior design!

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