Introducing our new product style guide

Helping you find the perfect door for your home

Keep your finger on the pulse with our product style guide, guaranteed to add some flair to your home!

Whether it’s building, renovating, or freshening up your home, the choice of doors can have a massive impact on the look and feel of your space.  

But how do you choose the right doors?

We’ve got you covered! Click here to download our  product catalogue.

A categorised guide that will transform your home

Designed with the five most popular house styles in mind, we’ve created our product catalogue with a style guide to help you find the perfect doors to match your style.

Our style guide brings together design ideas and key elements of each style, allowing you to unlock your creativity and make inspired door selections that will turn your house into your dream home.

Having a strong sense of the design trends, and identifying which styles suit you and your space, allows you to choose products that will complement each other, while giving your home its own unique feel.

Download our product catalogue here!

How to use our style guide

Our easy to find style guide can be accessed in one simple click. Once downloaded, navigating through each style is a breeze!

Simply head to pages six and seven of the catalogue to find the style icons that correlate to each home design. The styles you will find include:

  • ModernMid-Century; This house style is defined by clean lines, geometric shapes and open floor plans.
  • Scandi; Transport yourself to the Scandinavian countryside, utilising minimalism for that cosy and comfortable vibe.
  • Hamptons; On trend style that mixes elements of coastal, country and modern design seamlessly.
  • Industrial; New-York inspired style featuring exposed structures, straight lines, metal accents and exposed brickwork.
  • Classic; A timeless style, for more traditional homes that are rich with character.

Once you have an idea of which style you are trying to achieve, you’re ready to start the hunt for the perfect doors for your home.

While navigating through the pages of the catalogue, look out for the style icons which are located under the name of each door range to identify the doors that suit your chosen style.

You may find that there is more than one icon under the range name – which just shows how versatile some of our door ranges are.

You can then search our website for the door models you like and customise the door face and glass options to suit your taste.

Hamptons Style – Feature HAM5 door

Be sure to download our door catalogue to find the right door for your home. In the next blog, we’ll be diving into the industrial home style.  Follow us on our socials to keep up to date with our latest blogs!