• Subtle & stylish designs perfect for that urban chic look
  • Panoramic options will add light and a sense of space to your home
  • Solid core construction engineered for strength & stability
The Nexus range is designed
with urban architecture in mind.
These smart designs are the
perfect link between the city
scape and your home. The
array of glass options provides
limitless choices for you to
create the urban look.
SPM Tempered
Rice Paper
Low E
Clear Grey Tint

Created with a clever urban design, the Nexus range allows for an exquisite parallel between the cityscape and your home. Choose from an array of glass options to create your own stylish and urban look.

Size and weight

Standard Size(s)


2040x1200x40mm (NEX40)


Custom Sizes

Min 1990x805x40 - Max 2400x1200x40

(NEX40 excluded)

(NEX30 always has 3 glass panels including made to order)

Min 1990x1020x40 - Max 2400x1200x40

(NEX40 only)

(NEX40 always has 4 glass panels including made to order)



Approx 40kg based on 2040x820x40mm door

Approx 58kg based on 2040x1200x40mm door

Door construction

All component sizes are nominal and prior to trimming. Construction may vary in different states.

Complies with Australian Standard AS 2688-2017 for the manufacture and importation of timber doors.

Timber is a natural material and colour, texture and grain variation can occur. These are not considered defects

Routed door designs will have exposed MDF sections on door faces



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Solid Entrance

Sound Rating

Hume Doors & Timber has extensively sound tested its comprehensive range of doors. Sound Transmission Class (STC) tested to ASTM E 413-87 and Acoustic Weighted Reduction (Rw) tested to ISO 717-1.


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Rw: 31
STC: 31

Bushfire Attack Level

BAL 12.5

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Risk: LOW BAL12.5

Door Profile

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HEF Bead

Hinge Setup

(Recommended for solid/semi-solid doors under 2340x820 and hollowcore doors over 2340x820)

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3 Hinge Setup

Door Systems


Overhead Protection - Care and Maintenance

With Australia’s climate extremes doors will weather differently and susceptible to the elements. After selecting and purchasing your Hume door it is extremely important to provide your purchase with the very best care and maintenance.

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