Storing your doors onsite: the right way

We all know how important it is to take care of our doors with regular cleaning, checking and lubrication. We also know we need to ensure they are protected from harsh weather. But what is often overlooked is the storage of your new doors before they’re installed. Knowing a bit about storing your doors is just as important!

Worksite’s are busy – don’t let your doors add to the chaos

A worksite can be busy, sometimes even chaotic. There are tradespeople working, distributors making deliveries and all sorts of building equipment, tools and products around. Fresh new doors – unprotected by even a coat of paint – risk being damaged if they’re left laying around. If a store drops off your new Hume products, where will you put them among the mess onsite?


Step one is to ensure you’re prepared for the delivery. So, when the products arrive, you’re not scrambling to find a place to put them. A simple log of all your purchases and deliveries can help. A diary keeping track of this information will also make sure you never double-book yourself! Make sure there’s space for the delivery truck to park, a clear path for the products to be carried through, and minimal obstructions around the storage area.

Where to store your doors

The next step is knowing where you want to store your products. This is crucial because it’s unlikely that the doors will be installed the same day they arrive. You’ll need a space that’s cool, dry, dust-free and, most importantly, safe from accidents (you don’t want bags of concrete to be dropped on your new doors)!

In saying that, the storage of other products and tools onsite is also important. Make sure you have designated spots for all your different materials and equipment. And, make sure the site manager knows what is to go where.

Positioning your new doors

For new doors, and other timber/joinery products, we recommend storing horizontally off the floor on a pallet or gluts and stacking with others of similar weight and size. For example, don’t store a heavy, multi-door Smartrobes system on top of the much smaller, single Sorrento Door.

We also suggest placing the doors under a sturdy scaffold rack. It’s preferred there is open air-flow on either end. This makes it easy to place the doors in and take out from storage when needed, while ensuring nothing falls on top of them. The scaffolding also acts as a step for workers and site visitors, stopping them from using the doors as a platform (which is dangerous for both the individual and your beautiful Hume doors!)

As always, we’re here to help you through the renovation process, so if you have any questions about our doors, delivery or onsite storage, simply contact us.