Moulded Panel Smooth


  • Traditional designs with an everlasting and refreshing look
  • Precast production will ensure every Moulded Panel Door produced is consistent
  • Non-solid as standard or solid construction on request 

These beautiful doors feature embossed smooth faces both sides in a range of refreshing designs plus the benefit of 2340 high doors with our Ascot model. With so many different styles to choose from the Moulded Panel range has it all.

Size and weight

Standard Size(s)



Special Sizes




Approx 15kg based on 2040x820x35mm door

Door construction

All component sizes are nominal and prior to trimming. Construction may vary in different states.

Complies with Australian Standard AS 2688-2017 for the manufacture and importation of timber doors.

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Hollow Core

Sound Rating

Hume Doors & Timber has extensively sound tested its comprehensive range of doors. Sound Transmission Class (STC) tested to ASTM E 413-87 and Acoustic Weighted Reduction (Rw) tested to ISO 717-1.

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Rw: 25
STC: 25

Hinge Setup

(Recommended for hollowcore doors under 2340x820)

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2 Hinge

Door Systems


Overhead Protection - Care and Maintenance

With Australia’s climate extremes doors will weather differently and susceptible to the elements. After selecting and purchasing your Hume door it is extremely important to provide your purchase with the very best care and maintenance.

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