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Grade: Stain Grade

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  • Natural warmth of solid timber 
  • Designed for staining
  • Traditional and modern designs

Meranti mouldings are classical and have a natural warmth. Bring out the natural beauty of timber within your home with the comprehensive range of Meranti mouldings from Hume. 

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Cutting & Joining

Meranti is easy to work with and has great cutting and joining properties. Meranti has a certain amount of interlocking grain which can cause blow out or splintering. When cutting always cut through the front to help eliminate blow out or splintering. We recommend mitre cuts and gluing with standard adhesives when joining Meranti.



Use the correct size finishing brads to suit the thickness of mouldings so that a minimum framing penetration of 25mm is reached. It is important not to over fix meranti as this may causing bruising or splitting.



Before staining, fill all nail holes, sand using 100-grit sandpaper progressively working down to finer grits to yield smoother finishes. Wipe and clean before staining and applying subsequent top coats.

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Hume Meranti is sourced from FSC certified forests throughout South East Asia using responsible management techniques that meet all local and international environmental requirements.

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Care and Maintenance

Meranti is less porous then many other species and won’t absorb moisture easily. However, if not sealed correctly, moisture can be absorbed and cause problems. We recommended you treat and protect Meranti on a regular basis using waxes, oils, preservatives, sealers or varnishes. 

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What is this product?

Meranti is a hardwood with soft characteristics making it perfect for decorative purposes such as mouldings, doors, panelling, joinery and window frames. Meranti has a straight grain with few colour variations, blending from reddish to golden brown with grey and yellow highlights. 

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Hume Doors & Timber embrace environmental awareness, protection and enhancement. We are committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner at all times.

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