What locks what? Choosing the right locks for your doors

Choosing the right locks for your doors is an important decision. This choice will depend on the application you’re installing the lock for. Whether it’s for your residential home or your business will also have an impact. There are two main types of locks used – those for entrance doors (security) and those for internal […]

How to create the perfect indoor/outdoor space

Indoor/outdoor setting - Alfresco Door system

Aussies love Summer and soaking up those rays in the warmer months. While we’ve suggested products that let sunlight into your home, you also have the option of literally bringing the outdoors in by blending your inside and outside spaces. Veranda areas and indoor/outdoor rooms can make a great addition to your home. Brighten up your […]

How to install the Evolution Touch system

The Evolution touch door release system is taking traditional cavity slider doors to the next level. The system uses magnets to hold the door firmly open and spring-loaded mechanisms to release it to close. Read on to learn how to install the Evolution Touch system. One effortless touch against the edge of the open door is […]

External doors: practical vs. pretty

We know that when building or renovating your home, the style and feel of your home is the top priority. And it should be! Colour choice is an easy way to embody your selected style – we’ve talked about it many times before, in regards to curb appeal, in case studies and even how to […]

What you need to know about doors when you’re in a bushfire zone

The threat of bushfire is a harsh reality for those living in Australia. Our hot, dry climate means we can’t take anything for granted, and a bush or grass fire can whip up in no time at all. Even homes not directly in the path of a bushfire are at risk of flying embers. Doing […]

How to achieve a Hume Doors seal of approval

One of the most important things to remember about your new doors is that they need to be sealed prior to painting – no matter if they are interior or exterior products. That means your new entryway is only as good as its door seal!  We try to stress this to all Hume customers. But sadly we see far […]

Modern home design uses Hume Doors

Veronica, who runs the @builderswife Instagram page, wowed us with her use of Hume Doors in her modern home.

Hume Doors help create beautiful minimalist home

The beautiful monochromatic design of @housetwentyfive’s minimalist home drew the eye of our Hume Doors team from the moment they tagged us on Instagram. The home’s clean lines, modern features and creative use of our doors left us wanting to know more! More than just a home Sara and husband, Ben, chose to build with […]

Natural timber door brings rustic style to life

When we saw Instagram user @georgie_watson’s gorgeous natural timber door, we knew we wanted to learn more about her build. Georgie kindly spoke to us about her renovation and spilled the details on why she chose Hume Doors! Small Home, BIG Renovation After owning their home for just over two and a half years, Georgie […]

Different types of timber you should use in your new home: guest blog

Different types of timber you should use in your new home

By Luke Drew | Kitome There’s a whole range of different types of timber out there. Finding which is best for your home can be difficult. Environmental impact, style, and price are just a few of the key considerations that go into this decision. These factors aren’t just the burden of the consumer. We, the […]