Feature front door – the easy way to increase curb appeal

We’ve all heard the saying “first impressions count”. While it may not always apply to the people we meet, it most certainly rings true when it comes to the front of our homes. ‘Curb appeal’ refers to the visual attractiveness of a house as seen from the street and it’s something a lot of us […]

Hume opens doors for those in need

We love giving back to the community and helping out where we can. Which is why we jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with AV Jennings on their ‘Renee 5’ project. We were among a range of generous builders and suppliers that donated products or expertise to support a well-deserving charity. The aim of the […]

‘Fibro’ has undergone a modern-day makeover

Let’s be honest – ‘fibro’ clad houses have (understandably) gotten a bad reputation in the past few decades, however the modern fibro provides some great benefits, without the risk from asbestos. Fibro has long been used to cover the exterior of houses, but now is seeing a resurgence in its new form for interiors as […]

DIY made easy with our Pre-Hung Doors!

We try to make your door installation process as pain free as possible, but we understand that sometimes customers may want to avoid biting off more than they can chew when it comes to DIY renovations. That’s why we’ve got a range of options in our pre-hung door system! This product is made to suit […]

Solicore, honeycomb core or solid door?

Here at Hume Doors & Timber, we understand every customer is different. Homes are all unique and the doors picked are suited to the personal wants and needs of each customer. But sometimes, all the room or entryway needs is a fully flush door. No bells and whistles, just a simple door with no design […]

Hume does more than just doors for renovators!

Here at Hume Doors we are mostly known for our wide range of doors and timber products, but we actually offer a lot more! Have you heard about our fibre cement range? For over 20 years we have been proud distributors of PRIMA™ fibre cement cladding, lining and flooring solutions. PRIMAaqua™ is one of the […]

A nail-biting end to a terrific season six for House Rules!

Season six of House Rules certainly provided us with all the excitement of a great renovation series, plus a few tears along the way! The climactic grand finale took place towards the end of July and this episode was no different from its predecessors; dramatic and enthralling. The finale began with host, Johanna Griggs, welcoming […]

How to install the Evolution Touch system

The Evolution touch door release system is taking traditional cavity slider doors to the next level. The system uses magnets to hold the door firmly open and spring-loaded mechanisms to release it to close. One effortless touch against the edge of the open door is all it takes to close it – and thankfully for […]

Peeking behind the ‘doors’ of House Rules

If you’ve been keeping up with this year’s House Rules, you may have noticed a few familiar doors. Hume Doors & Timber is a proud supplier of products used in the transformation of the contestants’ homes. Just like you, we’ve been eagerly watching all the teams and their work progress. So, as the season draws […]

Little Red Industries and Hume nail a room reno

Here at Hume Doors & Timber, we love seeing home makeovers. We’re even more excited when our door solutions are a part of the process. Our friends at Little Red Industries recently took on a renovation project where the main goal was to create a useful home office that doubles as a great spare bedroom. […]