Christine breathes a new life into her home by renovating with Hume’s variety of products

Christine, from @theocdbychristine_ on Instagram, is a professional home organiser in Sydney. When she began renovating her entire home, she knew Hume’s products were going to help finish the house perfectly.

Throughout her home, Christine used over 30 Hume products! When we started chatting to Christine, we were blown away by her dedication and determination to finish renovating.

Where it all began

We’ve been in contact with Christine since early 2019, when she first began renovating her house from top to bottom. As a home organiser, Christine knew this wasn’t going to be a simple job.

“We started our renovating journey about a year ago and it took a couple of months to finish,” said Christine. “We renovated the entire home from top to bottom and the only thing we didn’t change was the glass windows.”

Renovating a home is no easy task, and Christine had to make numerous decisions on colours, materials, paint and furniture. However, when it came to choosing interior and exterior doors, Christine knew it was an easy choice.

“When we were planning, I knew I wanted doors that were easy to clean and maintain,” said Christine. “As I have a little one, I was mindful that I didn’t want to spend a long-time dusting. My last home’s doors had so many grooves and it became such a tedious task to upkeep. That’s why we decided to go with Hume Doors.”

Clean style and beautiful finishes

Christine wanted to stick to the style she had already created in her home. She chose a variety of Hume products with clean lines, beautiful finishes and crisp colours to complete the renovation.

As a professional house organiser, Christine is always looking for innovative ways to save space and declutter homes. When it came to her own home, Hume Doors had the perfect products that were stylish and space-saving.

“We chose the Linear Internal Doors HLR240 for our interior and matched the exact same design door for our wardrobes, using the Smartrobes which are also great space saving option,” said Christine.

“We chose Bush fire resistant entrance door in BFR14 for the laundry. I loved how it brought in some natural light as our laundry didn’t have any windows, so this was important to me to,” said Christine. “This door worked fabulously as our home backs onto bush. Being fire resistant gave me peace of mind that we had those additional options to choose from. “

How Hume’s doors turned a house into a home

Christine is a lover of all things organised, clean and decluttered. She knew she wanted doors that were going tie these things together, and couldn’t go past Hume Doors.

“We loved the designs of their doors and how some did not have as many grooves to clean as others. Not to mention they are also beautiful and really complement the style of the home with its clean finish,” said Christine.

“I love how their doors also come with matching external doors and wardrobes so the whole house ties in beautifully!”

Christine was blown away by the excellent customer service how quickly the doors were delivered after she chose her products.

So much more than doors

When it came to the final touches, Christine wanted to find the perfect Hume products to create the ultimate finish.

“We choose the Half Splayed Pine Trim Plus skirting boards as they had a beautiful modern design that complemented the style of the rest of the home.”

Similar to her chosen doors, the skirting boards were easy to clean and maintain in her busy household.

It’s common for people to overlook the importance of simple finishes in a home. Elements such as skirting boards are what really finish a house. Christine was pleasantly surprised by how drastically the skirting boards changed the look and style of her finished renovation.

“I have to say I really underestimated what a difference these would make to the style of the home…It modernised the home instantly and I love it.”

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