Hazel from @thestylesocistylish sliding Frontier Barn Door

Hume’s Frontier Barn Door brings farmhouse style to life

The Hume team discovered @thestylesociete after we were tagged in a photo on Instagram. The picture feature a perfectly painted LIN10 internal door. We contacted the page and met Hazel, the name and face behind the beautiful décor, designs and DIY!

Hazel uploaded an installation video last month of her new stylish sliding Frontier Barn Door from Hume Doors (you can watch an installation time lapse below). We instantly wanted to learn more! We recently spoke to her about the installation, and how her personal flair for design caused her to fall in love with Hume’s stylish sliding Frontier Barn Door.

Humble beginnings

Living in Sydney, Hazel works as an interior designer. If you’ve ever seen some of the photos on her Instagram, you’ll understand she’s perfect for the job! However, this wasn’t always the career she had in mind.

“Growing up, I was always quite crafty and creative. But my love for interior design ignited further when my partner and I first step foot in the property market,” said Hazel. “We really enjoyed the design process of our own homes and, from there, I decided to formalise it and study interior design.”

Hazel’s style is clean, beautiful and unique. It’s clear she’s found her niche!

Finding a door to suit style and practicality

Hazel told us her house is relatively new. She likes adding character and charm with different pieces of decor and furniture. She’s influenced by Nordic, bohemian and farmhouse styles. This particular style helped Hazel decide on one of Hume’s sliding Frontier Barn Door in her home. “The barn door is definitely a nod to the farmhouse side of my style,” said Hazel.

Choosing the type of door came down to practicality and style. Hazel and her partner decided their ensuite would be the perfect room for the stylish sliding Frontier Barn Door.

“Our ensuite is a relatively small area and a traditional swinging door can often take up a fair bit of space. It’s great that the track system makes it easy to create a sliding door function,” Hazel said.

Installing the stylish sliding Frontier Barn Door

Hazel and her partner had never installed doors themselves prior to this experience. She was surprised and impressed with how easy the DIY process was.

“While there were a few steps in involved, we found the instructions and online tutorial really handy to use! I’d definitely say it’s something that can be DIY’d in the home,” said Hazel. “Neither of us are from a trade background, just your average household owners willing to give it a go.”

The finished product tied the room together perfectly. Hazel loves the look of the door and how it complements her style, adding a wow-factor to her home!

“I just love how different barn doors are. It’s something unique you can have in the home as a feature.”

Why Hume Doors was the right choice

Hazel had previously used our LIN10 Joinery Internal Door for her laundry, and other Hume internal doors throughout her home, so when it came time to choose a door for her ensuite, she didn’t hesitate to contact Hume Doors again.

“Hume offer quality, affordable products and I’d be happy to recommend their range,” said Hazel.

Hazel knows that installing a door like her stylish sliding Frontier Barn Door may seem intimidating. However, she said it was achievable and worthwhile, no matter how experienced you are with DIY.

“While the thought of installing a sliding barn door might seem daunting at first, it’s honestly achievable. We’re really happy with how it all turned out and it’s been a great addition to our home.”

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Barn Door installation time lapse