How to install the Evolution Touch system

The Evolution touch door release system is taking traditional cavity slider doors to the next level. The system uses magnets to hold the door firmly open and spring-loaded mechanisms to release it to close. Read on to learn how to install the Evolution Touch system.

One effortless touch against the edge of the open door is all it takes to close it – and thankfully for our DIYers, it’s almost just as easy to install too!

Benefits of the system

Clearly, cavity units are fantastic space savers! Where a hinged door would take up swing room, cavity units ensure the door tucks seamlessly into the otherwise unused wall space.

The Evolution system is especially great because its one touch release system eliminates the need for finger pulls or handles on the door – and will hold your door firmly open inside the cavity. Plus, once you’re familiar with how to install the Evolution Touch system, the process is a breeze!

Installation: how to install the Evolution Touch system

The first step when installing this system is to have a complete cavity unit fitted. Click here for the full instructions on completing this step.

You should also be sure to double check you have all the right materials; your Hume Evolution touch kit should be complete with a touch release mechanism, a backplate and four screws.

Gather your tape measure, Philips head screwdriver, 22mm spade bit, cordless drill and drill bits and you’re ready to begin!

On the inside of the back post, remove any existing rubber stops and other obstructions. Measure and mark 1040mm from the bottom on the cavity back post. Centre the backplate on this mark and fix with screws.

The next step is to install the touch release mechanism to the door, but before doing this you must ensure it has been prepared according to manufacturer’s warranty.

On the back of the door, measure and mark 1020mm from the bottom of the door (regardless of the overall door height). Drill a hole with the spade bit to a depth of 75mm – lessen this for hollow core doors. Insert the touch release and tighten with screws provided, making sure the mechanism sits flat. Insert the door into the cavity so it makes contact with the backplate and you’re all done!

If you’d like more information on how to install the Evolution Touch system, view the video demonstration below.

Check out our distributors here to purchase your own Evolution touch!