Muse Built makes home renovating easy with Hume Doors

Located in Newcastle, NSW, Claire and Jack from Muse Built have made home renovating look easy on their beautifully laid out Instagram feed.

While the couple runs their own building company, their Instagram page is dedicated to documenting the home renovations they complete outside of work hours.

With one home renovation complete, and two more underway, Claire and Jack have no plans to stop their home flipping projects.

We’ve shared why they chose Hume Doors to complete their first project and their plans for their next two homes below.

Documenting their home renovating projects

Claire started her Instagram page, @museprojects_in 2019 as a personal page to record their home renovations.  “It gives to our followers a little insight into our ideas and what we get up to in our not-so-spare time,” said Claire.

Their first home was located in Mayfield, NSW, and was sold shortly after Claire and Jack completed the renovation.

Each home renovation is never the same and they’re happy to tackle anything. From large extensions, second storey additions to bathroom makeovers, new kitchens, living areas and outdoor entertaining areas.

The current project, Muse Projects House #2, is going to be the couple’s family home in a few years. “This project turned out to be a big one!” said Claire. “We are creating our dream home, so far we’ve had to basically strip the house down to its frame and start from scratch,” she added.

Finding their renovation style

We were drawn to Claire and Jack’s renovation style after discovering them on Instagram.

When we asked what inspired them, Claire said, “being in the building industry gives you a lot of ideas, so I take inspiration from the builds I see completed, designers, architects and other renovation Instagram pages. It’s a huge community out there!”

Muse Built has a clear style when it comes to renovating houses. “I always base my ideas on classic white and timber, natural light and bright, airy tones,” Claire explained.

Sourcing from the right company

Claire and Jack always use Hume Doors for their client building jobs, so they knew they wanted to use our doors in their home renovation. 

When it came to sourcing the doors, Claire and Jack used their local building supply store, NHS.

“Especially running a building company, it’s so important to have a good supplier and they always have stock on site when we need it.

“NHS is the best when it comes to ordering and delivery! We wouldn’t use any other supplier,” Claire emphasised.

Home renovating made easy with Hume Doors & Timber

Wanting to stay true to her style, Claire chose several Hume doors to bring in natural light and keep the home bright and airy.

Entrance Doors

When selecting their entrance door Claire said, “we chose the JST6 Joinery Entrance Door as our front entry to let the natural light through into the hallway and to capture the afternoon sun as it sets of an afternoon.”

Internal Doors

For Internal Doors, Claire said, “the LIN10 Joinery Internal Doors were chosen for our media room to let light through into the end of the hallway (it’s a long one!) and to create the illusion of more space.”

“And we chose the HAM1 Hampton Internal Doors for all the bedrooms and bathrooms to give that coastal feel and have something a little different to a flat door.”

Offering advice to budding renovators

When asked for her ultimate tip for other home renovators who may be nervous to start, Claire said “Don’t be afraid, renovations seem like a huge task, and while they are, they’re also a lot of fun.”

“I think I feel most at home in a renovation zone. I’d also say don’t just stick to the norm. Get a little creative, whether that’s mixing it up with doors, lighting or wall features!”

Make sure you follow @museprojects_ on Instagram to keep up to date with all their latest projects! Project #3 is about to kick off and they’re planning to feature more Hume doors, which may inspire your own home renovation!

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